Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Digital Story Telling workshop

Our friend, Elaine ["Her Majesty"] Bliss, came to school to teach us about Digital Story telling. We watched Sasha's digital story called "The Dress", which is about her relationship to Mr Woody's beloved grandmother, Gwendoline Violet Tucker.

Qu. What aspects of her story were effective in drawing us into the story?

Elaine went on to outline for us the important elements of digital story telling. These apply to all our story telling:

1. Point of view - what understanding or realisation are you trying to communicate to your audience?
2. Dramatic question - the hook; something that draws in the audience
3. Emotional Content - love, fear, etc
4. Your Voice - you narrate and you make it personal
5. Economy - these are brief stories with a simple message
6. Personal story, risk taking and emotional safety - we must respect each other

Also, think of the story as a circle or loop - begin somewhere and bring it altogether at the end.

We will use these techniques to create a digital story to explain how we relate to Hamilton.

Everyone's story will be different.


fred said...

Sasha's voice came over everything else.

rosiegal said...

I really enjoyed having 'her majesty' come and tell us about digital story telling! Sashas DGI was really good, as the video and voice connected really well with the amazing story! The acual story was quick, effective, and was really interesting right to the finish!

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i like the way they are simple but effective, and they are straight to the point; short and sharp!

Marshall said...

sasha's digital story hooked me into it by the, you know, the feeling in her voice. my feeling about the story? it sounded pretty passionate to me, i can 'feel' her feelings through the story.
P.S is the story loop also the summary?? :-1

Neina-Marie said...

Hiya! You guys need to tell me about what her majesty told you about story-telling, and I would like to say that digital story telling is very cool! I want to make one about how Hamilton could be better.

kitty milo said...

her majesty coming in was really cool and learning about digital story telling. i like the way sashas voice was really laid back and calm but meaningful. and like imaroom5ian said short sharp but straight to the point.
p.s : whoever did the filming in the dgi is obviously probably one of the most talented people, i just cant explain how excellent they are! whoever they are we will give them full credit!

Roo said...

I think making a digital story is an awsome way to use ict in school and prove that ict can help us learn. I think well all beneefited from HER MAJESTY coming into class.

The film Mr Woody made was awsome and to the P-O-I-N-T.

Marz Barz said...

i think having elaine come in and tell us about digi story telling was great!

too bad im going to be away most of the digi story telling week :-(

Marz Barz said...

i loved sasha's footage..who did it?? hehe!

Marshall said...

oh yeah, i also want to tell you guys that for my digital story, i'm working with Jojo and Mech Boy. for our key question, it's based on the pollution in the Waikato River and Hamilton Lake.

Neina-Marie said...

I am working with Sweetangel, my friend, and Cheetahlicious, my friend. IS Cheetalicous my bud for this???