Friday, March 07, 2008

De Bono's Thinking Hats and our digital future...

"Peachgrove is going digital!"

Analyse this statement using the various thinking hats in groups.
Add your groups ideas here as comments.

Thank you for your excellent ideas!


mojo said...

I think that these thinking hats are really useful because it makes you concentrate on one area which can either make it easier or harder. P.s sorry i havent been on lately my computer has no graphics card so i have to use my mum's.

kitty milo said...

hi our group had the black hat which is the negative thoughts hat.
some of the reasons why our group thought it would be a bad idea for our school to go digital was...

it would cost heaps
it would be inconvenient to install
it would take up lots of space
could cause technical difficulties
some people wouldn't have the knowledge to use it
it wouldn't cater for everybody's needs
some people couldnt type well making it difficult for them to work
attraction to burgalars
some children would lose interest in the lower level of things that help you learn e.g- books and things

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i think ICT is great but we also should keep openminded to other options of research and resources.
Another black hat would be sometimes stuff can not be trusted on the internet, but really it all comes down to how we use the privilege of ICT. One of the things i think about sometimes is probably not the type of technolgy we would deal with is that although the world is so much more "healthy eating" and "active" i dont want all of this to just go down the drain because we get so advanced with technology that everything is just done for us or more things like tv come along....*sigh*...... but that dosnt really have much to do with the tchnology we would use.
maybe for the red hat and the yellow hat it may be more likely to keep peoples interest and might help because i know some people dont like physically writing or just basically put their mind on paper, whereas with these new progrms and objects, thoughts, questions., answers, knowledge etc can all be displayed without any limits (mostly).

i would keep going but i've got to go now.... :)

Snow Girl said...

I was in the black hat group is well, Also some kids might not treat the computers and ICT with respect

Roo said...

I was in the white hat group.
Which means I STATE THE FACTS!

-Some classes are already going digital
-We have alot of computers already(in two computer suits)
-Digital in not really used in schools yet
-Computers can brake down
-It can be faster to type

rosiegal said...

We had the blue(azul)hat, which was thinking about thinking, and the big picture. Our group came up with questions about how we could manage it and if it could work. One of our major questoins was if we could afford it in the future, how could we persuade the parents, and would all of peachgrove go digital, or just some classes. One crazy green hat thought was that the wholo world going digital! No more printing and handing it out, email it to a phone or computer! In the future it just might be like that,
Weird, scary, and strange (in case you havent figured it out, i just used the red hat!!!)

Neina-Marie said...

Thanks rosiegal, the class computers don't work and my Dad wouldn't let me go on yesterday (urgh).

WiZzA said...

hi its me and we had the Yellow hat POSITIVE and we most certaintly thought that it would be great to have i.c.ts in school

It would help people in learning support
it helps to focus the task...

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

blue hat: i think it is all up to how the student uses the opportunity and provided technology. If this is used without any breaching of set rules, it should be fine.

Green hat: i think that there need to be specific guidlines and set rules in the sense of where to and where not to go, what is acceptable and unacceptable, and what to do if something goes wrong.

mr woody said...

I was particularly impressed by the amarillo group [yellow hat] who focused on the optimistic or positive views:
* hands on technical/skills based learning
* supports learning
* future focused
* interactive learning
* assists the teacher
* transferable skills
* facilitates interaction within a global community

Some of these comments are virtually straight out of the new curriculum - very insightful :-)
Well done!

Neina-Marie said...

Aw, tanks alot Mr Woodcock.

Cheetahlicious said...

Hi I was in amarillo and... well yeah.
But it was pretty cool because we got to really hard thinking and it was quite hard staying in that one area of thinking.
I think we should do this more often but each time we do it make sure we get a different hat, this way we could a whole lotta skills in different areas of thinking.

Marz Barz said...

we had the blue (azul) hat.
i thought that;
*how much would it cost?
*would it enhance our learning in an effective way?
*how will it help us with our overall learning?

anyway thats all i could think of right now!