Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do you know your whakapapa?

Do you know your whakapapa? No, not that ski field at Ruapehu. Your family tree. Where are your whanau from?
I find this fascinating - in many ways it controls who we are. We get our genes from our ancestors. I might be short because i might be decended strongly from Cornish tin miners. I might be related to some very stupid, pirate killing exiles on the Scilly Isles in the English Channel.
Mostly I know I am a genuine NZ pakeha [and that is a more specific thing than many people realise] and of that I am very proud.

I wrote this in another post:

"As for my heritage [which i also find fascinating] i am a genuine New Zealand pakeha. I am very proud of this.
By my understanding, I am Pakeha because on both sides of my whanau [- Maori for 'family', mr teehan's class] my ancestors were British subjects sent here on the first colonist ships in the 1800's and are the people invited here by Maori under the partnership agreement known as the Treaty of Waitangi - Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
If you are Maori you are Tangata Whenua - the people of the land. If you are a later immigrant not of British decent, you are tauiwi. Room5ians can find out what that means.
So before my ancestors became Kiwi/New Zealanders/Pakeha, they were all English except for some smatterings of Irish which are in there too."

Maybe some of you Room5ians and Mr Teehans' class will comment here about your ancestry or ask questions on the topic. I'm sure Mr Teehans' class will be wonderign what many of the words are in Maori. Maybe the te reo teachers in Room5 will make those audio files or podcasts this week to teach some basic reo to the NewJerseyites.
I hope so!

Ask me what culture quilts are in class.

From the first line of the Maori version of the treaty:

"Ko Wikitoria te kuini o Ingarani..."

- what do you think this says...?


Neina-Marie said...

I have a folder of my family tree in my desk at school. I'm all set!

Mr. Teehan said...

I am going to take a shot at the translation. I used Google to try and translate the statement. I think this is what it means (or atleast part of it): Her Majesty Victoria Queen of the United Kingdom

I found it very interesting that Irish people came to NZ! Pretty cool stuff!

mr woody said...

great work mr teehan!

rosiegal said...

I know most of my family tree. On my dads side: the Barkers, I think our name is Barker bears, and on our crest it has two bears and some othere stuff. My Grandma is Fully Irish, and so were her mum and dad. that means I am 1 quatre Irish, and have a n European passport, which I am very proud of. My Mums family have been Kiwi for a while now : I am probably the 7th Genaration Kiwi. But a while back my folks came from scilly islands (it is pronounced silly <-Iknow I may be from a place called silly!!) which is just south of England!
Its amazing to think that all those years ago, people got on a boat from wherever they lived, (they may not have even knowen where they where going) and traveled to a little island in the middle of the pacific ocean, called...

Snow Girl said...

cool Rosiegal...
ON my dads side my dads grand parents were mostlyscotish but they had a lot of other cultures in them like irish.
On my mums side my mums granparent is full maori and her mum was very well knowen in the maori culture and had lots to do with the maori queen...

But as the cultures have passed down the the family tree they have got weaker and so me and my sis are mostley pakeha but some where deap in side we might hve a tiny bit of other cultures blood

Neina-Marie said...

Rosie Gal, put Quarter in your spelling list!

rosiegal said...

Cheeky, Neina Marie!! Its going to be really interesting over the next few days to see where every one has come from! I wonder if any one else came from Scilly island!! Te He He!!!

Mr. Teehan said...

In the United States, people are usually comprised of multiple nationalities. I am 100% Irish and so is my wife. Therefore, my six children are all 100% Irish. I think that is really special especially coming from a country of diverse backgrounds.

I have five brothers and sisters. Two of my brothers married two sisters who are part Polish and part Irish. My oldest brother married a girl who is 100% Iranian (Anyone know where that is?). My one sister married a guy who is 1/2 Irish, 1/2 Italian. My other sister married a guy who is a mix of so many nationalities, we can't even count them!

The most unique thing about my family is my mother. She is 100% Irish, born on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day), her name is Mary Patricia, but people call her Pat), and when she was younger, she had red hair and freckles! Her maiden name was McCarthy. You can't get much more Irish than that!

mr woody said...

So cool - I have McCarthy Irish in me too!

Snow Girl said...

Really Mr Woody ,i would have never geused that you have irish blood.

leewiz said...

we will just have to look it up then won't we just hmmmmm...

Cheetahlicious said...

i can give you the treaty.
Treaty of Waitangi (The English Version)
HER MAJESTY VICTORIA Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland regarding with Her Royal Favour the Native Chiefs and Tribes of
New Zealand and anxious to protect their just Rights and Property and to
secure to them the enjoyment of Peace and Good Order has deemed it
necessary in consequence of the great number of Her Majesty’s Subjects
who have already settled in New Zealand and the rapid extension of Emigration
both from Europe and Australia which is still in progress to constitute and
appoint a functionary properly authorised to treat with the Aborigines of
New Zealand for the recognition of Her Majesty’s Sovereign authority over
the whole or any part of those islands - Her Majesty therefore being desirous
to establish a settled form of Civil Government with a view to avert the evil
consequences which must result from the absence of the necessary Laws
and Institutions alike to the native population and to Her subjects has been
graciously pleased to empower and to authorise me William Hobson a Captain
in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy Consul and Lieutenant Governor of such parts
of New Zealand as may be or hereafter shall be ceded to her Majesty to
invite the confederated and independent Chiefs of New Zealand to concur
in the following Articles and Conditions.
Article the first: The Chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes of
New Zealand and the separate and independent Chiefs who have not become
members of the Confederation cede to Her Majesty the Queen of England
absolutely and without reservation all the rights and powers of Sovereignty
which the said Confederation or Individual Chiefs respectively exercise or
possess, or may be supposed to exercise or to possess over their respective
Territories as the sole Sovereigns thereof.
Article the second: Her Majesty the Queen of England confirms and
guarantees to the Chiefs and Tribes of New Zealand and to the respective
families and individuals thereof the full exclusive and undisturbed
possession of their Lands and Estates Forests Fisheries and other
properties which they may collectively or individually possess so long as
it is their wish and desire to retain the same in their possession; but the
Chiefs of the United Tribes and the individual Chiefs yield to Her Majesty
the exclusive right of Pre-emption over such lands as the proprietors
thereof may be disposed to alienate at such prices as may be agreed upon
between the respective Proprietors and persons appointed by Her Majesty
to treat with them in that behalf.
Article the third: In consideration thereof Her Majesty the Queen of England
extends to the Natives of New Zealand Her royal protection and imparts to
them all the Rights and Privileges of British Subjects.
W. HOBSON Lieutenant Governor
Now therefore We the Chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes of
New Zealand being assembled in Congress at Victoria in Waitangi and We the
Separate and Independent Chiefs of New Zealand claiming authority over
the Tribes and Territories which are specified after our respective names,
having been made fully to understand the Provisions of the foregoing Treaty,
accept and enter into the same in the full spirit and meaning thereof: in witness
of which we have attached our signatures or marks at the places and the
dates respectively specified.
Done at Waitangi this Sixth day of February in the year of Our Lord One
thousand eight hundred and forty.

kitty milo said...

wow! thats long. did you get that off the internet?

mr woody said...

very good Cheetalicious - thanks for sharing your discovery. As Kittymilo hinted, you should state your source.
copy and paste the url of the web page you copied it from - if that's what you did - and paste it at the end of your info. if what you posted is a direct copy of something else, please put it in quotation marks.
once again, thanks for the info!

kitty milo said...

my tribe is tainui and this is some stuff about us...........
crew of this canoe from Hawaiki are claimed as ancestors by tribes of the Waikato, King Country and Tauranga areas.

kitty milo said...

i can give you the maori version of the treaty of waitangi:
Ko Wikitoria te Kuini o Ingarani i tana mahara atawai ki nga Rangatira me nga Hapu o Nu Tirani i tana hiahia hoki kia tohungia ki a ratou o ratou rangatiratanga me to ratou wenua, a kia mau tonu hoki te Rongo ki a ratou me te Atanoho hoki kua wakaaro ia he mea tika kia tukua mai tetahi Rangatira--hei kai wakarite ki nga Tangata maori o Nu Tirani--kia wakaaetia e nga Rangatira maori te Kawanatanga o te Kuini ki nga wahikatoa o te Wenua nei me nga Motu--na te mea hoki he tokomaha ke nga tangata o tona Iwi Kua noho ki tenei wenua, a e haere mai nei.

Na ko te Kuini e hiahia ana kia wakaritea te Kawanatanga kia kaua ai nga kino e puta mai ki te tangata Maori ki te Pakeha e noho ture kore ana.

Na, kua pai te Kuini kia tukua a hau a Wiremu Hopihona he Kapitana i te Roiara Nawi hei Kawana mo nga wahi katoa o Nu Tirani e tukua aianei, amoa atu ki te Kuini, e mea atu ana ia ki nga Rangatira o te wakaminenga o nga hapu o Nu Tirani me era Rangatira atu enei ture ka korerotia nei. Ko nga Rangatira o te wakaminenga me nga Rangatira katoa hoki ki hai i uru ki taua wakaminenga ka tuku rawa atu ki te Kuini o Ingarani ake tonu atu--te Kawanatanga katoa o ratou wenua.


Ko te Kuini o Ingarani ka wakarite ka wakaae ki nga Rangatira ki nga hapu--ki nga tangata katoa o Nu Tirani te tino rangatiratanga o ratou wenua o ratou kainga me o ratou taonga katoa. Otiia ko nga Rangatira o te wakaminenga me nga Rangatira katoa atu ka tuku ki te Kuini te hokonga o era wahi wenua e pai ai te tangata nona te Wenua--ki te ritenga o te utu e wakaritea ai e ratou ko te kai hoko e meatia nei e te Kuini hei kai hoko mona.


Hei wakaritenga mai hoki tenei mo te wakaaetanga ki te Kawanatanga o te Kuini--Ka tiakina e te Kuini o Ingarani nga tangata maori katoa o Nu Tirani ka tukua ki a ratou nga tikanga katoa rite tahi ki ana mea ki nga tangata o Ingarani.

(Signed) William Hobson Consul & Lieutenant Governor

Na ko matou ko nga Rangatira o te Wakaminenga o nga hapu o Nu Tirani ka huihui nei ki Waitangi ko matou hoki ko nga Rangatira o Nu Tirani ka kite nei i te ritenga o enei kupu, ka tangohia ka wakaaetia katoatia e matou, koia ka tohungia ai o matou ingoa o matou tohu.

Ka meatia tenei ki Waitangi i te ono o nga ra o Pepueri i te tau kotahi mano, e waru rau e wa te kau o to tatou Ariki.
found at :

kitty milo said...

it's not nearly as long as the english version!

mr woody said...

excellent - now we need the english translation of the maori version so we can discover where the points of difference are over some of the meanings and intentions of the two documents...
it would also be interesting to find out who wrote the maori version ...

mudpies02 said...

My great great grandmother (my grandad's grandmother) moved from Ireland to New Zealand when she was a girl :D

'Wikitoria' looks alot like 'Victoria'.

kitty milo said...

i can translate the maori version in english!!!
this is it:


Signed at Waitangi, February 1840, and afterwards by over 500 chiefs.

Victoria, the Queen of England, in her kind (gracious) thoughtfulness to the Chiefs and Hapū of New Zealand, and her desire to preserve to them their chieftainship and their land, and that peace and quietness may be kept with them, because a great number of the people of her tribe have settled in this country, and (more) will come, has thought it right to send a chief (an officer) as one who will make a statement to (negotiate with) Māori people of New Zealand. Let the Māori chiefs accept the governorship (Kawanatanga) of the Queen over all parts of this country and the Islands. Now, the Queen desires to arrange the governorship lest evils should come to the Māori people and the Europeans who are living here without law. Now, the Queen has been pleased to send me, William Hobson, a Captain in the Royal Navy to be Governor for all places of New Zealand which are now given up or which shall be given up to the Queen. And she says to the Chiefs of the Confederation of the Hapū of New Zealand and the other chiefs, these are the laws spoken of.


The Chiefs of the Confederation, and all these chiefs who have not joined in that Confederation give up to the Queen of England for ever all the Governorship (Kawanatanga) of their lands.


The Queen of England agrees and consents to the Chiefs, hapū, and all the people of New Zealand the full chieftainship (rangatiratanga) of their lands, their villages and all their possessions (taonga: everything that is held precious) but the Chiefs give to the Queen the purchasing of those pieces of land which the owner is willing to sell, subject to the arranging of payment which will be agreed to by them and the purchaser who will be appointed by the Queen for the purpose of buying for her.


This is the arrangement for the consent to the governorship of the Queen. The Queen will protect all the Māori people of New Zealand, and give them all the same rights as those of the people of England.

William Hobson, Consul and Lieutenant-Governor

Now, we the Chiefs of the Confederation of the Hapū of New Zealand, here assembled at Waitangi, and we, the chiefs of New Zealand, see the meaning of these words and accept them, and we agree to all of them. Here we put our names and our marks.

This was done at Waitangi on the 6th day of February in the year of our Lord 1840.

At a meeting before any of the Chiefs had signed the Treaty, Hobson agreed under questioning from the Catholic Bishop Pompallier to read the following statement which was a record of discussion on religious freedom and customary law, which the Bishop Pompallier had had with the Anglican Missionary William Colenso.

E mea ana te Kawana ko ngā wakapono katoa o Ingarani, o ngā Weteriana, o Roma, me te ritenga Māori hoki e tiakina ngātahitia e ia.
found at: http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Port/2470/maori/translated_treaty.html

rosiegal said...

awsome kitty milo! Mr woody, I realy need to know when Im going to be at the meateor thing! I think I can come most of the day but I have to leave aroun 3-ish! Please get back to me at school or now!! R-Gal!!!

Snow Girl said...

Hi rosiegal the expo is from 10 till 3pm
hope this helps!!!


Marshall said...

i found a pretty cool website that can tell you everything about the Treaty of Waitangi. it is

it even contains what the real treaty looks like! when i visited the website, i saw that the treaty had three parts to it (i don't know why). i guess that the two sides have to sign all of the three parts.

mech boy said...

I am 50% Bulgarian on my mothers side and one of my ancestors is Ivan Shisman (Bulgarian: Иван Шишман) ruled as emperor (tsar).
Reign 17 February 1371 – 3 June 1395
Died 3 June 1395
Nikopol, Bulgaria. He got executed!>:-(
Predecessor Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria
Successor Ivan Sratsimir of Bulgaria
Consort Kera Maria
Dragana of Serbia
Issue Alexander of Bulgaria
Fruzhin of Bulgaria
Keraza of Bulgaria
Patriarch Joseph II of Constantinople
Royal House Shishman
Father Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria
Mother Sarah (Theodora). Ivan Shishman was the last emperor of Bulgaria.

Mr. Teehan said...

MechBoy - I have several friends that are Bulgarian. My class and I have Skyped with one in particular. Her name is Danny (Yordanka). She was just here for a visit to the US. She tried to teach one of my classes (a few years back)the letters used in her language, but it is very difficult to understand (For me atleast!). I can speak a little (very little) Bulgarian. So, it looks like you are of royal blood!

Roo said...

I think my ansestors came from England but I'm not sure.

Roo said...

Mech Bot could you please open up your blog so we can see it.

mudpies02 said...

That's really interesting kitty milo!

kitty milo said...

thanks, as you can see the maori treaty in maori then translated to english is different aand says different things!!!!

Empress Penguin said...

It is interesting how the treaty's say different things. I wonder who translated it? Mabe an English person wrote it?