Saturday, March 29, 2008


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Blimmin' taggers! Wot do u think?



rosiegal said...

i think tagging sucks! That is one of the bad things about hamilton!!

Roo said...

Yeah it's ridiculous but there is a really cool one at the university the person who did it would be very skilled.

mr woody said...

my pxt posts suck! whats all this advertising abnout?
as for the tagger - he sucks even more. what do yo uthink?
constable craig is going to come into our class to tell us about a poster competition he invented just for us after seeing us at the expo. cool!

Marshall said...

it is nothing compared to the other one i translated. pathetic! what makes it sucks more, is:
1) it has no meaning
2) it's ugly!

mr woody said...

Good call, Marshall. That person is a loser.