Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Athletics Day 2008

Retell your adventures here...
'Twas a long hot day in the sun putting a high jump pole back up every few minutes for me. However, I was very impressed by the sheer determination of one student in particular. 

Write on, MacDuffs... [don't worry - I'll explain it in class]


HamilTRON said...



Sorry 'bout the explanation marks (It's just how I feel about it!!!)

I enjoyed the smell of victory in some events. Well done to the people who represented Kakepuku and Room 5 (Room5ians Rule!) in the events and the relay!! Kakepuku/Room5ian represent!!!

P.S Why does no one go on glogster anymore (except Mojo)


HamilTRON said...

I know that Macduff wa in the play called Macbeth by Shakespare. Does it relate to something that we/someone does??


Kitty Milo said...

YAY ! that wuz awesome. I loved it. I won't say my placing 'cos i don't want to seem up myself. i loved high jump though. i bet my record by like 10 centemetres. people said that the look of determination on my face was really funny. LOL.!
It was so awesome, and i got a bit sunburnt.
P.S- people who went to knighton, or any one else, knighton's twilight festival is this thursday starting at 4:30 so yeah!!!! Me and ashy mashy are going.
ok,see you!!!
Kitty milo

Kitty Milo said...

I also know that macduff is a play by shakespere. Well, I know because I clicked on the link. Lol. The retell thing.
kitty milo.
P.S- how many points did everyone get for kakepuku?
Please place them here on this post=]

Kitty Milo said...
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Kitty Milo said...

oops i posted it twice sorry=]

HamilTRON said...

DOes anyone know what happened 30 years ago. History might repeat itself...........................


Roo said...

It didn't though Hamiltron.
We won the Munster vs All Black game(this time)!

My favourite event was high jump.
I jumped 4.09 metres I think.

Radioactive5ian said...

had a great day but pulled a muscle in my calf doing 200m :(

id never been to porrit stadium before so it was cool to run on the proper track

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Like Kitty Milo, I beat my high-jump score by a centremetre. I will try harder next time, and not bruise my elbow on the high-jump bar.

Kitty Milo said...

roo ou didn't jump 4 09 not even khytel did that! lol i think you made a mistake

awesomo4000 said...

yeah he meant long jump i think

mudpies02 said...

That would make sense. I think I got 17 points Kitty Milo :o)