Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miss Signal's insight

I was reading this very clever person's blog this evening and I noticed something you guys might enjoy... and it kinda sounds like you guys anyway :-)

"Class discussions based on what the kids wanted our class to look like brought on more and more gusto as they threw themselves whole heartedly into what they felt was an interesting classroom. This saw CDs being brought in, plants and other items that reflect my students and their interests. This has allowed for our gardeners in the class to take on board their interests. Same with the artists, the designers and so on…"
- Miss Signal


Gaboose said...
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HamilTRON said...

Wow cool comment Gaboose!

I think that students should have some input of how their education is taught. It might be how they are taught (style). It might be if they need more enrichment in other subjects more then others. Or it might be being introduced to new subject. Everyone needs to be catered for different things. It's just the matter of when.


mech boy said...

I also found a smarties website...