Thursday, November 06, 2008

FW: Looking for Focus Group participants

Let me/Amy know if you would be interesting in participating in this campaign to help raise awareness about water conservation in Hamilton


Hamilton City Council is launching a water use awareness campaign, part of this campaign will be involving members of the public to take part in a summer-long water conservation campaign in their own home.

We would be;

    • Fitting a water meter in your home (at no charge and no charge for your water usage)
    • Having the end of November as a control period with the conservation of water/changing of habits beginning on Dec 1 2008.
    • Providing a tool kit of water saving products to use in your home.
    • Arranging media interviews with the newspaper and morning television to update Hamilton residents of the actions being taken and progress made.

Does this sound like fun? Is your household up for the challenge?

Please call Amy van Garderen on 07 838 6679 or email 

Amy van Garderen
Communication and Marketing Assistant
Communication and Marketing
Hamilton City Council
Floor 1 Council Building Garden Place
Private Bag 3010 Hamilton 3240
DDI 07 838 6679
Fax 07 838 6761


I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

WOW thats sounds like a great challenge but i don't think my family would like the idea so i am thinking mabye...

rosiegal said...

Cool, that does sound like a good idea. I have no idea what my family would think, but if it was saving water, maybe!!!

Aquagirl said...

that would be a bit of a challange in my family as well but it wouldn't hurt to try.

Dreamhuntres said...

Sounds like a great idear.

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Idea, not idear.
I think my family would not survive. We would all have to share the same bath water, nooo!
Oh well. Life goes on...

HamilTRON said...

Yeah at our old school we done a study on water. There was this poster it had a very interesting saying. "Once the last penny has been spent, Once the last drop of water has been used, Once the last fish has been caught, Once the last mineral has been dug out of the ground, We have suffered from greedful hearts of the rotten."
Have you guys heard of Hamilton City Council's new water plan for the Summer of 2008-2009? It has been set up to help conserve our water throughout the summer. It has a scale 1-4 Normal-Severe Drought.

Once the water runs out so do we.

MrWoody said...

freaky to find an Agent S post out of the blue - welcome back Agent S!

awesomo4000 said...

have you guys heard that they want to make shower power go down i think right now the highest amount of water you are aloud is 13 and i think they want it at 6 litres per minute if that happens its going to be a tragedy