Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lets kill creativity

Does that sound like a good goal for educators?
I didn't think so either. So what are we trying to create?

Angela Maiers asks, as have others, if we are killing off potential "Leonardo DaVincis" in our school system. Read some quotes and other info i discovered on her extensive and interesting blog....

Kris Bradburn says:

"We kill the spirits of our up-and-coming da Vinci's. These ten things are the most commonly cited characteristics of highly creative people… and they’re heavily discouraged in the early years by the education system and social climate of adolescence. This is why we won’t see another da Vinci for a long, long time - or why, if we do, he/she would not have come from the system we currently have in place. At every turn schools and society are set on pushing back the most creative individuals. Their common traits are not welcomed nor encouraged, and certainly not nurtured. This must not persist, because I think the world is long overdue for another da Vinci-type right now..."

Albert Einstein himself said [and I agree]:

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."


Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I reckon teachers like you, Mr Woody, are pushing Da Vinchi's to the very top. That's awesome. It's sad how if you can add 218732(5657)-32987+6659 means you're smart (Well it does, but you get my gist). What about goals, ideas, persistence?

HamilTRON said...

Yes I agree with Neina. Mr Woody lets us be independent, unlike a teacher that's on constant supervision of their students (not letting them spread their wings, you know what i'm saying).


HamilTRON said...

I think that we have had lots of opportunities, knowledge and learning done this year so we can not complain to our parents that we have not learnt anything this year


Roo said...

Yes that is true. Mr Woody you do push our creative side.

Aquagirl said...

Well like they say hamiltron
"you learn something every day"
Mr Woody just teachs us things in a different way and is helping our creative side but not all teachers try to kill creativate because last year I got put into a extention class to help me bring our my creative side

gnome said...

A main problem about killing off our Da Vincis is that man-kind will be stuck with new ideas or innovations in the same area we will not be able to discover new sciences new nothing and we won't be able to find new discoveries that will help mankind in the future

Aquagirl said...

It's amazing how if we kill off creatiate we will kill off curiousity, wanting to learn and wanting to try something new. In fact now that I think about it, it seems like teachers and educators are thinking along the lines of that our brains are a vessel to be filled when really Mr woody taught us in the first tearm that our brains are a firer to be light not a vessel to be filled.