Sunday, June 25, 2006

Changing gears with Marc Prensky

Marc Prensky says....

Listen to the Natives

Schools are stuck in the 20th century. Students have rushed into the 21st. How can schools catch up and provide students with a relevant education?

Marc Prensky

School didn't teach me to read—I learned from my games.
—A student

Our young people generally have a much better idea of what the future is bringing than we do. They're already busy adopting new systems for communicating (instant messaging), sharing (blogs), buying and selling (eBay), exchanging (peer-to-peer technology), creating (Flash), meeting (3D worlds), collecting (downloads), coordinating (wikis), evaluating (reputation systems), searching (Google), analyzing (SETI), reporting (camera phones), programming (modding), socializing (chat rooms), and even learning (Web surfing).
We need to help all our students take advantage of these new tools and systems to educate themselves. I know this is especially hard when we're the ones floundering, but teachers can certainly ask students, “Does anyone do anything on the Web that is relevant to what we're discussing?” or “Can you think of any examples of this problem in your computer games?”

As educators, we must take our cues from our students' 21st century innovations and behaviours, abandoning, in many cases, our own predigital instincts and comfort zones. Teachers must practice putting engagement before content when teaching. They need to laugh at their own digital immigrant accents, pay attention to how their students learn, and value and honor what their students know. They must remember that they are teaching in the 21st century. This means encouraging decision making among students, involving students in designing instruction, and getting input from students about how they would teach. Teachers needn't master all the new technologies.

All this and much more interesting reading is available via the links above. I find it inspiring.


Mr Woody said...

to confirm, this post is a quote of marc prenksy's writing.

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

im not sure if this is relevant but on the news a couple months ago now it said that there was this school in the south island I think it was and it started at 10:30 and ended at 3 or 3:30 and it was getting better grades then other schools!!

Triwoman said...

This is so true.
We sit around worrying whether we will look bad because we don't know how to use the technology and the kids are wondering why school feels like a history lesson.

laffydaffy said...

Tech. is such a cool way to learn, it makes it fun and interesting. you know how student teachers come to see how real teachers come and teach, well they learn how to teach 20th century

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

I agree with Amal!! Tech is soo much fUn

fernando645 said...

Thats is a really good way of teaching because, children like the modern way of teaching, and with teaching like that we really look forward to coming to school.

Mr Woody said...

good feedback people - nice to see "linda" aboard.