Sunday, June 25, 2006

fieldtrip feedback

On Friday you were lucky enough to be treated to a trip to the University of Waikato, courtesy of a lot of generosity and hard work by Barbara's parents and their colleagues. I thought it was an amazing opportunity to get to design computer games and use $30,000 microscopes to look at micron thick slices of rocks that changed colour! WoW!
If you show some interest in what you did you might get to do something else up there next term....

So, give me some fieldtrip feedback please - what did you learn? What did you enjoy? What else would you like to do up there? Are there any topics you would like to study next term as a result of your experience?


!~*ZuZu*~! said...

I thought that the field-trip was so much fun!! As soon as I saw the computers it was like cool as because they were like a differnet shape and just cool!! Learning how to make a computer game from scratch was really amazing as well!! I never knew how long it could take! MAN!!

When we went to the Earth Sciences it was fun, but I got a head ach because it was really hot!! I think we should've got divided up into two groups maybe though becuase when we did the computers, some people were slower than others and I think some people around me where getting annoyed with having to wait. But thats just a suggestion!?!??!

I thought it was really cool how we saw those rocks through the $30 000 microscope!! WoAh!!
The colours where so rich and it was just really fun!!

Overall I had a really good time and I would enjoy doing field trips like that again. Where you get to interact with things not just listen and watch!!

Catch ya 2moro!!

Lakelane said...

I really liked the field trip it was excitting and I had a lot of fun. It ws cool usening the micro scopes and I learnt that minrals are really cool coulours.
The computer gaming was so much fun even though my game got deleted i had a lot of fun. I learnt how tomake explosions which was really fun.

Mr Woody said...

great feedback kidlets. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Friday was COOL!!!
The opportunity to wander around the university, and to loke at thin colourful slices of rock, and do 2D gaming was great! The previews on the game maker 5 programe showed people how awesome the programe is and how great you can make your games! and to top it all off, we all had plenty of pizza for lunch(because there was heeeps there!). It was a great trip and i'm looking forward to the next one!

bobmarley said...

I reckon that the field trip was sweet as!!!!!!! The most fun part was probably the game making wouldnt it be cool if we made our own games and gave them to miss mculargh (dont know how to spell her name) so that kids from all over the school could play them!?!?!?!?!?

Mr Woody said...

great feedback people - specifically posts that state that you liked it being interactive, you enjoyed it, and that you have ideas for future actions - like designing games for others to try out. well done!
you rock the house!
now, go try flash animation - it is useful for all sorts of things and is used widely on the web.

laffydaffy said...

I think the trip was really cool. It was soooo much fun.

Computer Science was cool. It has inspired me to become a game maker. the examples were really fun to play and I want to go again.

Earth science was awesome!!! looking under the microscopes were cool and i seouirsly want to something in that field of science.

Overall it was soooooooooooo awesome and cool. I want to go again but we should of split into 2 groups.

p.s. lachlan you sound like roken record because you're always saying it was cool to much.

Kelsey said...

Can you tell me what your field trip was about it sounds really fun! I wish I went!!1

Sig said...

I learnt how to make agame using game maker 5 and how to use a microscope. The thing that I enjoyed most was making my game. It was Pacman, by the way. I don't know what there is in the University so I'm not that sure what I'd like to do there. I'd like to study game making or animation.

ash said...

i loved the feld trip because it was hands on not just watching and listening.

the games were grate and really fun but will we get them back?

Mr Woody said...

welcome kelsey - make sure you are being "cybersafe" and not posting your personal details on your blog. if you have, you can delete them.
very pleasing to hear how much you enjoyed the fieldtrip - and yes, it is better to explain why you liked it rather than just say it was cool.
remember, if you are honest with your teachers about how you likw to learn they can teach you better. but be nice. we have fragile egos.

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

The field trip rocked, it was a great trip and I thought it was kool kool kool

* AnnA * said...

Hi Mr Woody I think the field trip was fun even though after a while in the microscope earth science place I got a headache! My mum enjoyed it as well. So I thought it was a great opportunity and I think Barbaras mum and dad are great to organize such a great trip!!!

Mr Woody said...

ncie one nannanana - i agree - barbara's mum n dad are fantastic to give us such a great day - we must make them the wickedest thank you card - please try to make sure this happens tomorrow at school - we can spend all day doing it.

maxiboy said...

I think the feild trip was awesome and something that everybody enjoyed,I loved it and i found it really fun. se ya max

Mr Woody said...

max - this is advice - be more specific - state why it was enjoyable. it's not enough to just say it was cool. we all know that. why was it cool for you? in fact, even more specifically, why do you think it was a valuable thing for you to do in an educational context?
and how could it have been even better? what did the learning part of you want to do that we didn't get to do?
are yo uinspired to do anythin gas a result fo your fieldtrip? amal said she was interested in studying earth sciences.

Anonymous said...

Hi it's cam. Can't remember my password but can I come to the uni next term too?

PS. Flash is too simple!!

Give me harder stuff!!

Mr Woody said...

cam u ratbag - we'll see....
i probably won't take extras for the studio trip as it was pretty cramped last time.
nice to see you n the whanau in town.
cheers boy - enjoy your hols!