Monday, June 05, 2006

term three topic generator

this is a topic generating post - please post ideas for topics for inquiry units for next term.
see if you can suggest things that have some potential depth and aren't too broad. or, if they are broad - like some eejits last year who suggested 'space' after i asked the same question - try to narrow them down with juicy questions based on the topic. the best topic and questions will be what we do next term.

for example - Leonardo - is "The Mona Lisa" a self portrait and does this mean he was a weirdo? Or, what was Loenardo's greatest achievement and why?

See how those questions are more interesting than - where was he born, when was he born, when did he die, what did he do?

p.s. "La Giaconda" is the real name of the Mona Lisa [please correct me if i'm wrong]. Why do you think we change the names of foreign things that are perfectly pronounceable as they are?
e.g. Why change "Roma" to "Rome"?


Ernesty said...

Maybe we could do something like, animation perhaps? We could use "Anim8er", you can download it at!

By the way "The Mona Lisa"
(Before it was named "The Monna Lisa", Monna is short for Madonna, which means "my lady".) is a portrait of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco del Gioncondo.

Oh, and Leonardo was born in Vinci, Italy, on 15th April 1452. And he died in Cloux, France, on 2 May 1519. He was a painter, he was trained by Andrea del Verrocchio.

Mr Woody said...

he heh - nice one paradisio. well done.

Ernesty said...
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Ernesty said...

Actually forget about Animation, we should do Entertainment instead! Cause we are gonna do animation this month anyway!
There are 3 sections: Music, Movie and Fashion! Here is how it works:

Movie – Making a short movie(Must have at least 2 people):

1. Write a script for a
movie, short or whole.
2. Rehearse it.
3. Film it.
4. Burn it onto a CD.

Fashion – Making a model show (Must have at least 7 people):

1. Design some fancy
2. Make the clothes.
3. Plan a model show.
4. Rehearse it.
5. Film it.
6. Burn it onto a CD.

Music – Making a music video (Must have at least 2 people):

1. Write a song.
2. Make up some dance moves.
3. Rehearse it.
4. Film it.
5. Burn it onto a CD.

At the end we could have a “Peachgrove Academy Awards Show!”

Sig said...

I like the sound of music a lot better than modeling paradise man (can i call you ernesto?) but anyway, I think that that would be a great learning experience! great work ernesto, i mean paradise man!

Jess said...

Hi I think Adolf Hitler is interesting!

【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

did u know that in japan, scientests made like a voice of mona lisa by studying her face, skelitons and stuff???

【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

ooops..mistake skeletons.

Sig said...


Sig said...

Anyway, thats cool ernesto!!!! (i mean paradise man) =)

* AnnA * said...

i totally agree sigi!!! that would be so cool as i want to be a director so mr woody can we please do the movie part??? :~)

Mr Woody said...

someone said something totally reasonable, contentious and I totally agree - of course Hitler is interesting - how could such a person not be - he was partly responsible for some of the most outrageous historical events of the 20th century. Good suggeston Jess.
Well done mr brainy - you have posted something extremely interesting. where did you got your facts? can we have a reference?
do you kidlets understand why i ask for references and what i mean by that?

Mr Woody said...

can you think of anyone more wicked than khitler? justify your answers.
can you identify some good that hitler did? now that would be contentious - but serious academics have to think things through.

Ernesty said...

Prince Sado of Korea (1735-1762), because he loved watching torture shows! When he got older, he got more violent! He beat his servants, start killing maids, kill a guard and show it to the ladies in the palace, he killed docters......

Hitler was a vegetarian loved animals! He banned hunting animals with dogs. But he didn't ban hunting humans!

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

Hey I like the Idea of the modelling thing, if we did can i design the clothes and im sure Hannah would like to help. We are both really into fashion, i like to draw clothes in my spare time but i dont think i would do it as a carrer ( is that how you spell it? i think so!)

【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

i heard the mona lisa thing off prime news lol

Jess said...

Hey Mr woody i think hitler did do some good things but overall he wasnt the nicest man heres one thing that i can think of that was sort of good...
Germany were really poor but he put them back on their feet...and...
He invented the voltswagon car company and the cars were cheap so anyone could buy one! Also voltswagon means people car!

Mr Woody said...

nice one, brainy.
sounds good, fashionites. think of a teacher who might be able to help. they are sometimes willing [but busy at timeswe work for you, by the way - but don't tell anyone.

as for hitler and his mates - well done paradise man. very interesting - once again though - what is your reference so we know you aren't just making it up - or worse - getting it from a disreputable source.

some of you are producing some excellent outcomes. you should be proud of yourselves


Ernesty said...

Oh, I looked at a Horribl histories book!

Mr Woody said...

we are so lucky to be able to look back on history over such a long time span with ever increasing understanding of what we can discover.
"history" is such an incredibly interesting and illuminating field of study.
and add to that scientific advancement. wow - so cool what we can understand better than any time before. of course, we are far from doing well in all forms of thought and endeavour - but you guys can save us all. no pressure.

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

Please consider that

Howdy! said...

omg that would b soooooooo coool it wud make me like not be able to wait for the next day of school coz i think those are my three favourite thing

(apart from food- yumm!)

love it in fact listenin to it now,
oh, but i probably would like it more if we didn't do folk or sumthin like that,

u know . . .


ooooo in fact i wouldn't mind doing 80's music- my fave generation!


well i love tv and i do drama classes so that would be coolio!
i'm sure lots of other people will agree.

i love to shop and it would be feel like we were startin careers in fashion omg i would b soo excited to pick out all the clothes that people coud wear . . .=D

hey on laguna beach they did something like this .. because ther was a landslide so they fundraised for the victims-it actually worked(non-fiction program)!

but paradise, who would we show it to and could we get others from other calsses . . .

we could make it a pirongia show?

come on . . . consider it!

well that's me, bye


Howdy! said...

hey paradise,

wouldn't it be easier if we were to tell some clothes shops about the cause and they may be prepared to let us borrow clothes, instead of going to all the trouble of making thwem?

let me know what you think,


Howdy! said...

but if we did design clothes i'm sure Cheeky chicken would love to design them-hav you seen some of the designs she's done, they're awesome!

Ask her if you want to . . .



Howdy! said...

just me agen,

Hey my dad has a Volkswagen Passat
nd itz pretty flah so well done hitler!

And, my dream car is a volkswagen beetle!

Howdy! said...

sorry if that was too random and off the topic! =S

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

i think what Ernest said about the acting and movies and modelling sounds so kool!!

Ernesty said...


laffydaffy said...

I think we should put creative minds on and become a designers, ClOTHES!!(yay!Whopee!!)We should have a modeling show, but if dat dosen't work den we should do someding 2 do with ancient civilations


p.s. fotflol

laffydaffy said...

We should study history from differrent perspectives cause that will be interesting and different