Friday, June 30, 2006

a reminder of our rules for blog use by room 9

i must say, a few of you have really taken up the challenge and are posting brilliant content to the class blog. your own blogs are filled with meangingful, interesting information and opinions. it is great!
but some of you are slacking or not following my guidance.

the rules are:

1. create a blog and fill out your profile using cyber safety guidelines.
2. respond to my posts, stay on topic and reference your own information - write it in your own words or post it in quotation marks.
3. give each other constructive feedback.
4. ask effective, interesting questions.
5. create a part of your own blog for me to leave comments, ideas and guidance.
6. DO NOT WIPE THESE COMMENTS - it is part of your evaluation and assessment to have a record of a dialogue between us relating to your school work.

take care over the hols everyone - you are a cool class - thanks for the lovely cards today. i hope you have a fun, creative, satisfying, relaxing, stimulating, inspiring, invigorating, fantastic holiday!


maxiboy said...

Will do Mr Woody thanks for the comments

Mr Woody said...

you can do it maxy - you can do anything if you try your best and listen to advice.
well, maybe not anything...
could you get me sixty seven million dollars and save the environment

Jess said...

Hi Mr woody!
I have made a blog for the part for you and me

laffydaffy said...

I've made a post for me and you mr Woody. Come and see my blog, i've got heaps of posts there and none of them are bad!!!


p.s. if i had sixty seven million dollars I would split it half and half. One half for the enviroment and the other half for sponsering poor children.

【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...

plz come 2 my blog mr woody!!!

* AnnA * said...

Hi Mr woody! Who are the people who arn't using the blog properly???

Howdy! said...

Hello Mr Woody!

I tried to go on the room 6 blog, but the computer refused to co-operate. In other words, it wouldn't work.
Can you give me the proper search term so I can give them feedback?

And So far my holidays haven't been half bad, well except for my toe got infected!

Ah well, I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

On my blog, there is a place to tell your exciting holiday stories, and a place for Mr Woody.

Also, Mr Woody, I have worked out how you can get your blog to send you an email when you have new comments, and Also how to turn the word verification off(Since you found that annoying- didn't you?).

Have a peaceful and productive holiday,

Yours sincerely,


Mr Woody said...

good work mimi - as you now know, if you go to 'comments' in your dashboard you can set it to send you an email everytime you have a new post to your blog - i recommmend everyone do this.


magster said...

i don't get it, so on our own blog do we have to make a random post for Mr.Woody to make comments on?
>:( (confused smiley!)

Mr Woody said...

magster, go to maxy's blog to see what he has done.

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

hey mr.woody i created a space for you to come and write comments etc. I need some help on the SCIENCE FAIR ..! HELP

magster said...

Okay thanks Mr.Woody!

Sig said...

OK Mr Woody, I'll try to do all of that. I'm already doing a lot of stuff. I just can't think of anything to put on my parent-teacher blog. There is one thing that I wanted to do on there, but I should tell you first. I was thinking about doing a little research on chinchillas and I thought I could put that on there. So, what do you think?

Mr Woody said...

chinchillas away, little person. but remember, it might not be that nice to keep small animals in cages....
also, they make nice coats...
i wonder what they taste like

Howdy! said...

Mr Woody, don't even think about it!

Chinchillas are harmless creatures, and they deserve to have the same rights as other animals.
Nobody should be eating them!
But I think if someone did, the S.P.C.A. would get onto it.

Urxan said...

Uncle Woodles, please come to my random bloggyness of dooooom!


Sig said...

YAY FOR LAFFYDAFFY!!! That's such a good thing to do, giving money to charity. It's GREAT!!! =)

c9p said...

Dear wonderfully foolish and misguided teacher who clames he has a sence of humor and always has his head in the clouds:

I have followed your request and have made an entry on my blog just for teachers (including you) to leave comments in the form of posts.

You may with my permission if you wish come to my pitiful unproductive blog to site see(pun intended)or leave a comment.

Advice on how to have such a productive, wonderfull and injenious blog, that is visited again and again by a wonderfull array of people would be appreciated.

Yours sinserly,

young veteran said...

your the boss of me