Wednesday, June 07, 2006


wow! yeah! marvellous things being posted by some people - well done everyone - good to have people coming on board and getting into making some interesting statements, asking questions, producing meaningful outcomes!
i am also most impressed with the wonderful language, creativity and humour that surfaces from time to time. i marvel at your artistic renderings.
when you treat each other well, show good judgement, act with reponsibility, and demonstrate skill or tactical cunning, it makes me feel so proud. well done people!
go you good things!

[go the all blacks! whooops - that just slipped in]


Jess said...

Yeah GO THE ALL BLACKS! I wish i could go to see them play but the tickets sold out before we even new they were selling them!

Jess said...

How do you set this up so whats people post on your blog gets emailed to you? i can only get it to send me my posts

Mr Woody said...

good question, jess - as mrs mccullagh will tell you, i some how manage to do some things, but i've really got know idea how i did it. i'm a "digital immigrant" [marc(k?) prensky, not sure what year, brainy canadian, talks interestingly about education]
i just wish i could turn off my spam protection mechanism - it's really annoying@!#

p.s. i tried including a mini html code in this but i couldn't even do that - doh!

* AnnA * said...

Yeah Jess nd mr woody go the all blacks!!! um... mr woody as you probably already know i'm off school today coz i feel sick!!! :(

Howdy! said...

uhhh hi!

yeah i agree with you mr woody,

tHat spam protection is buggin me . . . . !@#$@#%$#%%^^%$%^&*($^$^**


o too bad jess, i'm watchin on on telly!

well at least we're makin u prowd mr woody!

c ya


!~*ZuZu*~! said...

yeh i also think that there are some really good posts being posted!!

keep on posting good posts lol

Howdy! said...

yea, good point

some ppl are posting some really interesting things on here!


And keep commenting,


Mr Woody said...

interesting posting, aMi. and yes, i do know who you are.

btw - you are very lucky to have such a lovely family.

see you tuesday maybe. keep the class in line for me please. you will be having a reliever for most of the week.

take care of each other and be nice to the reliever - you guys have heaps of work to do.

mr woody

【※ 『§mr. brainy§』 ※】 said...


JeSs said...

YAY Mr woody your back! We missed you!
What are we ment to post here????

Mr Woody said...

thanks Jess - that is very kind of you. means a lot to me.

laffydaffy said...

Yeah. i agree with Jess, Welcome bak! It's nice 2 hav a teacher who dosen't growl heaps. There hav been good posts. keep it up rm 9!!