Wednesday, June 07, 2006

worth it

this post is worth re-posting. the cool thing about it is that it is valuable inside information from experts who are actually involved in the "topic" or issue. you get to know things you might not ordinarily realise from looking it up on the net or something. so, think about the other rich sources of information that are all about you every day - people - life - experience.
value personal experience.
ask someone.

" Hey Mr Woody!!! Jess and I are probably going to the Humane Alternative shelter this weekend and interviewing Norma. Great post Zuleka!!! Anyway, My mum and I donate time and money, not food. The money is used for medical reasons and the time is, do I have to say, GREAT because then they get to do displays. TIP FOR CATGIRL: If you want to help, see if your mum or dad can help out at the stalls. It's great fun and you get to hug them all you want! But you have to make sure that their over 16 years old. OK? " - Sog on the blog


* AnnA * said...

Your right that is worth posting i mean it's cool un-boring and interesting also it tells us what she is doing about the humane alternaztive!!!! Oh and mr woody i m_i_g_h_t have appendisitis!!!! Is that how you spell it??? :~):~(

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

I am trying to find some ways to fundraise and let pepole know about the Humane alternative, so far I have got that mabey I could go to the mad butcher and sell sausages outside, they provide the BBQ, Gas and Sausages I think thats a KOOLIO idea. please can you consider that.

* AnnA * said...

Hiya! Um... i dont no where to post this so i will just post it here! Hope u dont mind!:~) today i had to the doctors then he sent me to the hospital!!! i dont have appendisitis they think but i might have early signs! And aylssa thats a great idea!!!

Mr Woody said...

good work alyblobs. bad luck nethingbut! thanks for posting.

Howdy! said...

omg nethingbutthat!

Yup i think this is well worth posting

go sog!!!!!!!!!=T

he he

i think it's great that people are helping the Humane Alternative, I'm sure tht they appreciate all the help we're giving them!!

"Workin at the car wash . . ."


yum, I luv sausages!



* AnnA * said...

Thanx Mr woody! note the sarcasim!

Sig said...

Thanks for putting my post on there Mr Woody. I'm getting really slack in posting now though. I'll try to put more thoughtful posts on now though.