Thursday, June 01, 2006

nickname rule

right - too many people are changing their names and being tricky about their identity - if you want to post here you have to have a nickname and profile which makes it possible for me to tell who you are.
that's the rule.
2nd rule - you all have to join up and have a profile and blog unless you have a note from your parents forbidding it.
everyone who needs it will be given time on the computer during the week to read and post to the blog.
the almighty teacher has spoken!


Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

You know who i am! Wait do you

Mr Woody said...

please post in the correct place blobber

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

I was just making sure you know who I am!

catgirl said...

I think that no more nicknames is a good idea-it was getting kind of boring scrolling through pages of nonsense. I was the first one to have a nickame-the rest were kind of copies. Maybe if you don't know who the person is, you should delete all their comments.
Luckily for me, you know who I am!

Sig said...

I think that changing your nickname is stupid and that it should stop. just like mr woody said. but the only thing i think is ok if you do change your nickname, is if you can still find out who that person is easily. but no more nicknames is bad, catgirl, because then the people know your real name. but other than that, THE ALMIGHTY TEACHER HAS SPOKEN!!! lol

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

Hey Catgirl,
I agree with you; that if you don't know who the person is to delete there comments (If they are not needed of coarse)"is that how you spell it?"
But I dont agree that they copied you!!

Mr Woody said...

I'm liking the attitude Sog - you are now second in command.

Sig said...

Thanx Mr Woody! =)

laffydaffy said...

Well, i'm amal i got kinda tired with tonks. but i agree with Catgirl, like wen we first got blogger, their was all this rubbish, so getONE nicknmae & stick with it

Ernesty said...

One of the ways to find out who someone is, is to go to there blog.
PS: I am Pizzaboy!

catgirl said...

Thankyou, Laffydaffy. What I MEANT was that you can keep your current nickname-but don't keep making more and changing yours. That way, people know who you are, but they don't know your name. So there, miss sog, and if I'm correct, this is your about 3RD nickname. So generally, you're a hypocrit-quoting from your entry- "I think that changing your nickname is stupid and that it should stop." Also, anyone who has constantly changed theirs and now thinks it's stupid is just as much of one.

Mr Woody said...

laffydaffy - i am beginning to lose track of who you are - that means i don't know to praise you in your report for your excellent work.
can anyone suggest a rule for making nicknames that we can stick to so i will know who you are?
sometimes the blogs don't make it any clearer.

Sig said...

OI!!!! my first name was sigrid and that's my real name so i changed it to sig, then i changed it to sog cause it sounds weirder and shows the INNER ME!!!!

SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

=( =(

* AnnA * said...

Um... mr woody do you know ho i am??? im anna:~) so now you know who i am!!! Um... i totally agree sigi (like usually) and your new name does show the real you!!! And so no offence catgirl but you cant really say mean stuff like that on blogger! totally no offence!!! and people are allowed to have nicknames!!! :~) Mr woody... if i hadnt have tld you would you know who i am??? Yeah...

Howdy! said...

i think that sog is right.
We shud b able to tell hu it is just by looking at their name!

Mr wooddy, you do know hu I am, don't you?