Sunday, June 04, 2006

Leonardo revisited

Leonardo da Vinci - was he the most talented artist and inventor ever?

Explore the website link below and answer the questions I have posed for you.

I would prefer you to come up with your own ‘fat’, ‘open’ questions, or perhaps even ‘fat’, ‘closed’ ones. So please post any sensible suggestion on this blog and we will evaluate each others questions as well as learning about Leonardo.

Qu. 1.
Which trait of Leonardo as a child do you think lead to his interest and skill in drawing and understanding anatomy. Explain Why.

The same interests and skills allowed him to study nature and experiment with human flight. Explain further and quote from the text to back up your opinion.

Which of Leonardo’s talents probably allowed him to excel in his studies of how things worked?

vocabulary to understand:



Ernesty said...

Hey Mr Woody I've got a book about davinci, like what paintings he did, where he came from, his cousins etc etc etc. Do you want me 2 bring it 2 skool?

Mr Woody said...

yes please - lets study history and famous folk in term three.
waddaya say?

laffydaffy said...

Mr woody, check my blog out coz i kinda did a review on this book i read and its about davinci

laffydaffy said...

I like ur idea about doing a study on him, but our topic should b famous artists and iventors! We should go into groups of 4 and come with an interesting fat open question and use the inquiry thingy.

Mr Woody said...

LaffyDaffy - you rule!
What excellent suggestions.
Please try to motivate others - you are doing what I expect GATE students to do - think, look for interesting projects, make suggestions, choose your own topics for school, have fun learning - well done!