Tuesday, September 05, 2006

beheading versus long term jail

who has it right? what are justifications for capital punishment? is it defendable? can you write a clear argument for or against either solution?

p.s. capital punishment is when you kill someone for their crimes....


Ernesty said...

i rekon we should have death penalty but the death should be quick (like over in 1 second) because killing people.... slowly...... is very inhumane. Some death ideas are:
shooting (shoot at the head)
blowing up with explosives (quick and painless)

i rekon hanging and headchopping should be banned because
hanging- is a very slow death
head chopping- sometimes takes more than one time to kill and that would hurt! u can also miss

Mythril Saber said...

I think that it is bad to do tit for tat, instead of killing the person try and stop them wanting to kill people and help them to help people instead of killing them.

What I don't understand is that New Zealand doesn't want criminals and murdurers but the govermant wants to stop parents "Diciplining" their children so they become criminals anyway.

young veteran said...

yea we should have the death, penalty but save it for really bad mirders.

catgirl said...

Ernesty, hanging doesn't HAVE to be slow, it could depend on the weight of the person and how slippery (I mean it can slide through the gap) the rope is. Perhaps people should 'put them down' painlessly with an injection if they have to be killed. But think about it, condemning someone to desath is quite harsh, so maybe it should only be done for the most serious of cases.
Maybe they should be hung, drawn, quartered, chopped up into little bits and then donated to the Humane Alternative (the bones can go to a dog place.) ;-).
Do you realise that I am being byist?

Horsegirl said...

I think beheading is a good idea, because some people will NEVER change, but what happens if you accidentally acuse the wrong person, you can't then undo it because once a persons dead can't make them re-live!
Also imagine how the poor familys would feel if a member of their family was killed because they'd done something wrong, it would probably be bad enought to discover that a member of your family had commited a crime!
I think you should chain them all toghether, like they do in America, throw them out on the roadside and they should all have to pick up litter, because they'd just go INSANE sitting in a cell by themselves! A man with a gun should be beside them, so it would be hard for them to escape!
Thjis subject brings up the test they used to do to test people of witcherie, they used to throw them into a really deep lak, if they floated they were a witch and were burned and if they sunk they were NOT a witch! What would YOU do if you were acused of being a witch?


Sig said...

I think it really depends on the crime and you NEED to proove that they are guilty. Apart from that I think jail should be harder on them and cheaper so that it wouldn't be so much of a problem.


The_Master_Mind said...

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Urxan said...

Take a life and your life shall be taken.

An eye for an eye, everyone ends up blind.

I honestly don't know which I really believe. I probably sway towards the first.


ash said...

yea i agreen that they would have to prove it throughly.

also they should make it some how cheaper because its spending our money and they dont deserve it if they have done something bad

laffydaffy said...

i think that if people did minor crimes, they should go to jail and do community work and should have a hour with their family like once a month, with bodyguard. Because if someone did a minor crime (like threatning to kill someone) then should still have a chance to live, shouldn't they?

Now about the beheading, if you kill someone, they should be killed and only people trained to kill wrong doers should be killing with a injection, wich they use on animals to put them down. Anyway, why would someone want to kill another person? Before they get killed there should be proof that they are guilty so they don't make a mistake.


fernando645 said...

I think beheading is better because thousands of tax payers go towards the people in jail.

* AnnA * said...

beheading but only if the guy is actually found properly guilty! Because if our country was knowen for beheading the innocent we wouldn't be very popular! lol