Saturday, September 09, 2006

Inspirational movies

who knows of any inspirational movies we coudl watch? i think "The Dead Poet's Society" was a good one to help us realise we are the authors of our own destiny and there are important personal traits we can defend, like loyalty, integrity, living our dreams, etc.
I have "Mr Holland's Opus" in mind. Maybe "The School of Rock". Any others we could watch and review? "The Power of One", perhaps.
If we really grasp the meaning of a film and can sum it up we could pod cast the reviews. If we ever work out how to do it...
[I think we should get in an expert to shopw us how to do it.]


Howdy! said...


The School Of Rock is such.... a cool movie!

YEs it is very funny as well as inspiring!

Aha! I think a lot of other people will agree with me..?!

Urxan said...

I agree that The Power of One is a good one to watch. I also really enjoyed the book.

Gwe Lea
P.S. Lama, Horsegirl, would you be so kind as to E-mail me your Tuhua diaries? Lama, you sending me yours isn't as urgent, okay?

catgirl said...

I reckon that those movies are a great idea-they all carry a message and we don't have to do work! (:-D
I'm not too sure which other films have a you reckon 'Mulan' does?
Kittyblah kahooey!
(Freakishly cool pic Urxan!)

laffydaffy said...

yes... power of one sounds like a good one. good book.


p.s. you dark girl urxan, you sure you don't follow the Dark Lord, because you pic surely does resemble it!!!1

p.p.s. i will make a blog on tuhua so you can see it!!

Ernesty said...

Theres this film coming out called "pictures of you" and it talks about the challenges of growing up.
... and u know wat? its getting film here! In hamilton! how kool is that? I went to the audition on last saturday for the role of being an extra (a person in the background), they said they would call me in a couple of weeks if i do get to be an extra!
You can visit the website here:

Urxan said...

Thanks Lama-Lama-Duck!