Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the hideous truth is...

there comes a point during the year when a teacher, such as myself, realises, they love their class, and feel the bittersweetnosity of knowing they only have one more term together...

this is that moment

you guys are ALL SO GREAT!

mR woOdy 8>)


Urxan said...

Aw.. how sweet!

Same here, Uncle Woodles.

Gwe Lea =D

Sig said...

Thankz Mr Woody! Your great as well! I miss all of my techers (well, most of them) so I won't forget the..... um..... interesting experiences I have had this year. But remember, it's not over yet!

Sorry got to go, need to do my accordian novel! (yikes!)


P.S. please go and check out my personal project blog and all of my other blogs, i haven't done much but i only just made it so yea.


Mr Woody said...

right ! that does it - siggles - you're for the high jump!!!


thanks gwe le - you pass.

dan said...

thankyou, thankyou, thankyou i know i am great.well are our band playing our song tomorrow???

Ernesty said...

~~~~>_<~~~~ waaaaaa! It's nearly the end of the end!

Waaaaa!!!!!!! I'm throwing a fit over a pillow!

PS: Nice smilies huh? Heres another one:
("\(.8......8.)/") Argh I'm a monsta!

Ernesty said...

woops i mucked up the pillow one, this is how its supposed to look:

Ernesty said...

um i don't think u can do it on blogger, oh well!

Mr Woody said...

hey - kidlets - i'm laid low with hayfever - really yuck!!!
please hand our roll in and get the reliever to leave my desk alone - i will tidy it up for the cleaners on monday.
take it easy!!!
extensions on all work until day one term four.

laffydaffy said...

thankz 4 being da best techer eva!!!!!!! i will not forget da experiences we have had!!!!! but there will be blogger next year 4 da next class? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Sig said...

i finished my accordian novel and i have decided on what my topic is for my personal project! it's the 80's! qnyway, i better go now, bye!

BrainFaceXD said...

bad woody!!

mrs marshall only let us watch 1 movie. And we didnt even finish it!!!

have a great term holiday

Mr Woody said...

good on you sig. and thanks brainy. ur both very cool. and you too lama.
keep an eye on the blog over the hols.
same to all you little geezers

Howdy! said...


yeh I know we are just oh, oh, WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

yeh, we're great aren't we?

Well, today was meant to be HAPPY! but instead it was sad, soo yes mrs marshall didn't quite know what our plans were so yes, it was a bit strange.

fernando645 said...

yeh , back at ya mr woody you are the coolest and best teach eva

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

thanks for being a GREAT teacher! Im sure we will have a GREAT last term!

Mr Woody said...

thanks zuzu - i appreciate it. do you like my new word?
sadly our last term is being taken over by our team production, athletics day and guff like that.
apparently you're a good singer - you could start a wee band for the team production. we need acts for in between songs.
the cheerleading team could also aim to perform in between songs.
does anyone read my comments?

Howdy! said...

I do Mr Woody, so never fear...

Senorita Fabulosa

p.s. can we switch to blogger beta yet??? or after the holidays?

ash said...

you're the greatest teacher eva. i wish u could be the gate teacher next year.

o and mrs marshal wouldnt by us chips so nobody had lunch because you cant get much at the canten. o wel.


i fractured my wrist now i have a purple cast for 3 weeks.

Howdy! said...

oh dear Ash. How did you manage that?

Mr Woody said...

stink about your arm. sorry about no lunch. i cld drop your art folder to your house if you like. although of course having your teacher drop by would be horrfying to say the least. don't stress about it and thanks for the compliment.
of course, kids say that to their teacher every year don't they? its quite wise to, so the teacher will beat you less.

BrainFaceXD said...

ur the best teacher ever!!!

ps i found out that ihug is wayyyy better than xtra. go 2

Mr Woody said...

brainface, that sounDs likE sycophancy to me. i would imagine you would think i'm okay at best. but thanks anyway.
as for ihug - why is it better???

BrainFaceXD said...

xtra - 1GB for $40
ihug - 3GB for $40
(per month)

laffydaffy said...

can u pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pleeeeaaaaasssseee be our teacher next year??? then you don't have think about the hideous truth anymore.

Mr Woody said...

good work brainface - thanks for the details. i think telecom make you pay more for your phone line if you don't have their internet. the sneaky swines. the worst thing about them is the broadband just got faster, slightly, but the limit of usage stayed the same. therefore, you get less broadband per month if you use it frequently.

laffy - thank you very much - it woudl be good to be your teaher again - then we could get some real work done.

Howdy! said...

Our broadband usage runs out so0o0o0 quickly...

BrainFaceXD said...

but u gotta pay $99 to join. :(