Tuesday, September 05, 2006

great speakers, great speeches

what makes great speakers great? what makes their famous speeches so powerful and unforgettable?
how could you enhance your own speeches using tips from the great speakers of history?


Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

hi room 9.

did you know the great speaker i look up to is Martian Luther-King, to me he is my speaking her0.
i think to be a g0od speacker you first have to have a g0od speech because if you dont have a g0od speech you wont hook anybodie into lisining.
number two people say you need lots and lots of practise but you dont need to practise that much.
and three you need to be clear and bold not loud clear

ps at the moment im wathching a really sad 9/11 animated clip on http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MyProfile=Y its on my hompage beb0. mwa

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

iv put some tips for people who arnt confadent speakers on my blog Aly-Blobber and read them carfully bye

Donkeyla (Aly-Blobber) said...

i got this website for speeches

laffydaffy said...

Martin Luther King's speech was great. He was passionate about what he was talking about, he was loud, bold and clear and it was nice, short speech. He made people think twice about what he said. Practise, practise, pratise heaps!!!!!