Sunday, September 17, 2006


All assignments must be finished. It's important for you to understand that projects must be seen through to their conclusion with a QUALITY product.
Art design fashion project - due week one of term four
Accordion Novel - due week ten term three
Personal Research Inquiry project - due week one term four

This is not negotiable.

Time to get busy - term four is "prove it" term. Let us see what you have got. Impress us.
If you're in a poor head space - snap out of it. No excuses. Find a way to re-engage with your projects if you are losing motivation - it is up to you!!!
HAve fuN!


BrainFaceXD said...

do we have to do our art project???

Mr Woody said...

yes - we will do it in school - it can be modififed to suit your particular skills, interests or talents.

laffydaffy said...

week one term 4, i need at least another week for project

Sig said...

I've nearly finished my art project and I have nearly finished my acorrdian novel. I changed my subject for my personal project but I think I'll be able to finish it and it be reasonably good. But I only have 2 weeks so I better get going, aye? I only have a week in the holidays because I'm going to Raumati, Wellington area, for the second week. And I have this week. Ok then, bye!

P.S. come to my blog to see stuff about my personal project and all that.

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

Mr. Woody.. some of my accordian norvel is on the computer.. can i send it too you!?

!~*ZuZu*~! said...

Um.. ok will do! But can i have a little while longer to make it perfect!? It will be in this week..

Howdy! said...

fine,fine,fine...Oh WAIT! NOt Fine NOT FiNE! do I say this?
ohk,spit it out Mia, I know, I know.

Well,Hannah and I are a little stuck with our personal project.
Dot jot notetaking is a challenge, and we haven't found any useful information that is relevant...HELP us please Uncle, or we will fail miserably!
Oh yes and we may need the computers,as both of us do not have an imac/emac, (whatever the name is) at home....soo yah.

But my accordian novel is almost finished..just a picture for illustrate a scene left....!

Umm.. my art project....I guess you could say that I'm kindah making progress, I mean I'm up to the colour wheels..hmmm?! But I know what to that will be a breeze when I buckle down on my knees to it(I don't know if that makes sense...Gwen? You're a great writer, or anyone else, here's a puzzle for you to solve!).

I will try and produce quality work, but on time as well(hopefully)!

Well, I guess I'll see you at school (where you will think of something to draw me as...=P..) tomorrow then.. oh yes! Tea/milo and cakes for morning tea? Haha!

Too Roo (Haha, it's off coronation street, my sis and mother love it, but it's not too hot aye? Buh, buh, buh, BORING!)!!!!!!!

~The unmistakable Mia~

Ernesty said...

mr woody what sized art book should we have?

PS: This is kinda off topic but anyway, theres this movie coming out and its called Mr Woodcock! Check this website out:

Mr Woody said...

ernest - whatever suits you and is cheap.

senorita fabulosa - well done for asking for help - you shall have assistance tomorrow at school.

hasta entonces amiga

fernando645 said...

all my projects are up and running especially jacob and my personal project

Howdy! said...

Thanks Senor Woody!

Umm yes, our meeting with you today didn't really help, but we only have a couple of days lefty to do as much as we can on our imovie..can we have an extension? It would not be wasted, and we will probably, most definitely need it to finish.....

Senorita Fabulosa.....

P.s. ohh umm can we switch to blogger beta now?

Mr Woody said...

darn - forgive me - please draw my attention back to your cause if i go off track.
extn not necessary - just do what you need to do to get it done, well, in your own time.
after hols is fine.
uncle woodles

Sig said...

mr woody, i made a new blog about my personal project and i've finished my accordian novel. will we be doing another one? hopefully not. anyway, i like doing the art project so could we please do some more art in class? it would be much more fun. even though school isn't suposed to be fun.

Howdy! said...

ohk, but we are extremely challenged,

p l e a s e!

aww.. come on woodles!

So can we just hand it in, well, when we're finished?

ash said...

oops i left my art book at school for the hollidays. my bad. ill just have to work hard on it in week 1

Ernesty said...

u no the art projet, well can u only have one subject? cause i want to base mine on Animal Farm! If i can i'll draw some cartoon pigs drinking beer, playing poker on a table, while some other cartoon animals look at them through a window. under the picture i'd write: all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

BrainFaceXD said...

what ernest said was from a famous book.
mr woody how do we make the 'real' clothes??

Mr Woody said...

the book is "animal farm" - do you know the author? he is very famous. what is his other most famous book?

as for the art project, you should have looked at the example in school before you went on holiday -you foool!!! wooohahahaha!

sorry - look at a t-shirt or pants fo whatever you're making then copy the pieces onto paper and cut them out - you will want to carefully place tabs so you can glue it together.

Ernesty said...

Animal Farm was writen by George Orwell and he also wrote 1984. I read Animal Farm, it was cool and funny!
O and about the art project, Brian has lended me his art book so I kinda no wat to do.

Ernesty said...

actually im gonna change the topic of my art project. I'm gonna like draw a picture of a dog and underneath will hav the words: wild dog!

Ernesty said...

it dosnt really need 2 b angry it just has to be "Wild"!