Thursday, September 07, 2006

fact versus opinion

what is the difference? use examples to illustrate your point.

for example - is the theory of gravity a fact or an opinion?


Ernesty said...

a fact is something that is true and a opinion is something that a person thinks is right, and they could be wrong!

fact: light is faster then sound

opinion: humans come from monkeys.

Mr Woody said...

actually humans do come form monkeys - it is a scientific theory as indisputable as the theory of gravity - it is simply not believed by everyone who has a religious reason to disbelieve it -religions are based on opinions. science is based on evidence.
sometimes, in ages past, scientific theories have been proven incorrect however, and this of course makes it easier for uninformed folk to "bury their heads in the sand".

Lakelane said...

Gravity is a fact because we can tell that it's true and everyone agrees. Mean while opinions can't be totally provin if it is provin it is a fact.

Mythril Saber said...

Some 'facts' could still be opinions but people all agree on it and call it a 'fact'. For example; Rats don't prefer cheese.