Friday, May 09, 2008

Anti-graffiti visit

We recently decided that graffiti was a problem in our city as part of our HamiltON inquiry project. Constable Berquist and Mr Molloy from the HCC gave us a talk about what our city is doing to fight the problem of graffiti.

They invited us to participate in a poster competition with prizes supplied by the HCC. A very interesting thing happened to a couple of our classmates this week. As they went to the ICT suite to print out a colour copy of their posters, another teacher stopped them saying "Your poster should say anti-tagging, not anti-graffiti, because it's tagging that is bad, not graffiti." Was she right? What do you think?

Please add comments regarding interesting things you learned in the talk.


mojo said...

I learned in the talk that the Hamilton city council spends at least $500, 000 each year just to clean it all up and there's still heaps. (Not saying there doing a bad job).

Roo said...

95% of all taggers are under the age of seventeen.
95% of graffiti is done with spray cans.
If you phone the police when a tagger is still tagging they will come as fast as they can.

Cheetahlicious said...

I think that graffiti can either be good or bad.
As Mr Berquist said there is graffiti vandalism and graffiti art and even if you paint a really cool big lion on their fence or garage if you don't have permission it is graffiti vandalism.
I learned that some shops have a cool water system that pours water down the wall when the sensors are activated.

gnome said...

I learnt that there was a three tiered approach to graffiti the first one was education teaching shop owners to be more careful about keeping their spray safe so unruly youth could not get it the second was eradication meaning the council try to come in less than 24 hrs and paint over the graffiti and the last one was enforcement where the police are called to catch the offenders. And another intresting thing was the youngest tagger constable craig caught was a 5 yr old ,i mean come on!

hamilTron said...

That was really interesting!
There are two types of graffiti.
Vandalising and Art.
Remember The bad type of Graffiti is people not asking for permission to do up their wall.
I think the teacher is right between Tagging and Graffiti.
Good Luck with the posters!


hamilTron said...

And don't put your own saftey at risk by taking photos while the tagger is near!!!
Move away then ring the Police.


mudpies02 said...

The youngest tagger he'd ever heard of was 5!! I just need to get this straight. What is the difference between tagging and graffiti???
They are also trying to encourage shops to lock up their spray cans or put them up by the front counter, so that they will be harder to steal. Once a man stole 60 at one time!
They are also tracing spray cans using their barcode. If the spray as been left at the scene of the crime, they can use the tagging name to find out who stole the can.

rosiegal said...

Im not really sure? THey are both illegal at sometime, but I think graffiti can be good at times (when permission is asked), and tagging is the bad thing. I am going to try get my almost finished graffiti poster on the internet, but I am doing 2. One on the computwer and one I started at school. THe really annoying thing is that I put all my stuff I needed to brin home in my floder (Including notes about the talk my Kakepuku and my graffiti poster, and I forgot the Folder! I Wanted to kill myself! (Well not reallly, its a figure of speech!) Well then, about the talk!

I was also shocked about the youngest caught tagger, only 5 years old! It's actually really sad that a 5 year old is already going against the law, and they probably didnt know it, as might have been foolowing older sibling or group.
The money taht the counclil spends very year is 500,000 too much! It would be great if everyone oin hamiltON would do there part and
1: stop taggers from taggging, and create a place where they Can actually be allowed to showcase ther talents and tag, and
2; Clean up there properties thaht have been sprayed with out complaining, but do help the police catch the nasty little swines(As Mr Woody would say!).

sweet angel said...

What a waste of money,we could of used it to upgrade Hamilton.But instead we use 500,000 to clean up graffiti,sigh

rosiegal said...

Big sigh that people can be stupid enough to do it! I have been on the computer all day trying to finish my Kakepuku! I have 3,000 words now! PLease copme to my blog and see my (un-finished) graffiti poster!
C Ya all on monday or I will blog 2moro

MrWoody said...

great work you guys - excellent comments - i see roseigal has started using the mr woody style of english when typing.
some research suggests that teachers have a 60% influence on what you learn. do you agree? what else would make an impact?
but back to the topic - rosiegal, i can't wait to see how your proof-reading is in your kakepuku story ;-)
well done for commenting in such an entertaining way - its fun to read your comments because they are conversational.

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i think connections you make, role models, friends, family, learning from experiences. depends what sort of learning...morals, facts, experiences etc...

i read somewhere that graffiti leads to more graffiti, so i guess it is good that the council is cleanign the area before more more people are encouraged to tag. i think the council needs some form of way to find out who is commiting the crime though because people are likely to do it more than once (cheap hidden cameras?)

check this random story out...

mudpies02 said...

Which crime? Stealing spray cans? Tagging? Or both?
Mr Berquist had a list of tagging names that matched up with people's real names, and their DOB and stuff, so when they tag I suppose they kinda do know who did it - unless the person is new to tagging or something. And also say that someone has tagged 'Shorty' on a wall (say that's their nickname that they tag with!!) if they have left a stolen spray can lying around near it, they can ask shops that have had spray cans stolen from them if it's theirs (they can use the barcode to check if it's theirs) and then they know that 'Shorty' stole the spray can, and if they know 'Shorty's' real name, they can give him/her two convictions. Does that make sense???

Did everyone have a good Mother's day? I did (And I hope my mum did too!!) :^)
Also, if you are interested, I have some veggietales videos on my blog!!

olly said...

The punishement is 3 months in prision and/or a $1000.00 fine!!

Snow Girl said...

Did you no that just resently a man from North Havlock was running a resteront with a hundred of people in side when a tagger was tagging so the resteront owner ran outrg side and draged him inside. He then takeld him to the ground, took the marker out or the taggers hand a started to draw on his face and all the people inside we chering. Did any one else here about this????

I think that it is relly wierd that some tagger would tag a buliding that has hundreds of people in side watching you!!!!!


Cheetahlicious is apsolutely right in my point of view. But the teacher was wrong because she did not specify what type was wrong!
And shouldn't of stopped him printing it anyway! GRRRR!


I have expressed my views...



IM A ROOM5IAN said...

Snow girl, that is what my link is!

tgging, and i take back what i have said as apparently Hamilton has a lot of cameras already, and i know the police have special connections and ways of finding out who did it.

olly, asuming you know that because of the poster at school, i think it actually said, around/up to $1000 or even up to three months imprisonment.

and i think a lot of people are repeaters so they are easily found out and a lot of people tag their initials.

kitty milo said...

i think that graffiti is good ,or bad, depending on where people do ACTUALLY graffiti. it's alright if it's a place like, accross the road from the warehouse where you have permission, but anywhere else...NOPE. the teacher that did say that, i think she was right and wrong, she could have told him why tagging was wrong not graffiti and said what she thought, then could have got that person to change their mind and could have gone back and changed it=].
if you want to see HEAPS of pictures of graffiti you can go to this site:
But if you want lots of pictures of tagging you can go to this site:
I also have a post on my blog:
about graffiti/tagging,
-why people do it
-how does it e/affect us
-where do people tag
and more ....

C.A said...

Hello room5ians,in room22 we actually learnt about griffiti and it's really sad that people actually do tagging in every places.(but not every places in auckland but some places)

In Elm park the police decided that some student in our school can come and help to take off all the taggings.

Thanks C.A