Monday, May 26, 2008

Room 5 has a wiki

Do you know what a wiki is?
Yes, you do, but please prove it here...

Also feel free to visit our class wiki and if you are a keen blogger I will show you how to use the wiki so you can write anything you like and make changes, add information, correct errors, etc.
You have to be trustworthy too :-)

Read the reasons why Room5ians rule, and check out the randomly evolving story which you may add to if you get the password from me at school.


rosiegal said...

I went on the Wiki but all it said was that 'Why Room5ians rule' and the bar down the side! You will have to teach us how to use it! Also, I sort of knmow what a Wiki is, but I have really no idea so I wont be writing anything I know about it! Hopefully others know abourt it!

kitty milo said...

yes i know what a wiki is!!! it's a website about a certain topic that tells you all about it, it could be a person or a site/building basically evertything! the link that you gave us, this is what it says:

Edit This Page
Room5ians rule because:
We all work together as a team.
We all encourage each other.
We are all respectful.
We have fun yet still work hard.
We accept our differences and can move on from any problems we encounter.
We use our WIKI and BLOG to share information and to learn.
We learn in interesting ways which makes us pay attention.
i think it's true!!! it's not like other wiki's.

Neina-Marie said...

Well, I can't describe it, but I do know Writers Window had one until a stupid, horrible, eggy IDIOT decided to violate it and SHUT IT DOWN! I think Wikis are dangerous.

Dreamhuntress said...

I just visited it and i thought i looked a bit bright. But i think that the things that it had shown (words) on the page was cool. And it's true about the things that it said on it.

chickenfeety said...

I have no idea what a wiki is but dose it stand for something????A wiki sounds like a cool site but it not working for me:( .

mudpies02 said...

Yeah, the link wasn't working for me either...
Does a wiki have anything to do with wikipedia????

MrWoody said...

wikipedia IS a wiki....

"what i know is"

editable pages for collaborative production of online resources

rosiegal said...

I read the story you wrote about last years room5ians, and it was very random, but very cool! Can peple like us comment on iit and or add stuff to it? can You teach it about it? Hopefuly we xcan use i like maybe a 2nd blog, but i ahve no idea!

MrWoody said...

i didn't write a word of it and you can add to it once i have given you the username and password at school...if i can remember what the student access one is... doh! or we could start another one just for us if i can't.
usernames and passwords are really tricky to keep track of.

Cheetahlicious said...

Don't you guys think it's weird that some rich as americans used a Maori looking word.
By the way I'm not really sure what a wiki is but I'm learning and the wiki is cool.

Cheetahlicious said...

Sorry I didn't finish that sentence.
Don't you guys think that it's funny that some rich american guys used a Maori looking word for the title of their business.

Anonymous said...

to room 25!!!!
I dident no that you had a wiki. m3 wich is my class we have a wiki!!!!!

mudpies02 said...

We're room 5 not room 25! Is Wikipedia like a whole bunch of wikis? What I know is: Wikipedia's really helpful!

Lauren said...

LoL room5 has a blog AND a wiki. All we have is a few fish [but a turtle is coming!]


Now all you need is a myspace and/or bebo band


from a room19ian