Monday, May 12, 2008

$1000 to M-Learn

Kidz Connect - Imagine it done - Unisys

How would you use $1000 in your classroom to make E-learning and M-learning possible or more effective?

State here why you think mobile blogging is a useful learning experience and what you need to be able to do it...

[Important people may be taking note...]

What other E-Learning or M-Learning activities can you imagine? What would you need to do it?

[sensible, creative, innovative answers please]


Snow Girl said...

I think that mobile blogging is an awesome thing.
Mobile blogging is fun and exciting.

*It can teach you about how to use a mobile its self.

* It will teach you how to be cyber safe with you phone and its phone numbers.

*It is also use full for if you are out and about you can take a picture on your phone and then send it directly to your blog.

And then also it can teach you about photography skills in taking picctures and it can also inform you about some advertizing. Such as when you send a picture from your phone to your blog some phones have advertizing under your picture others you have to cloke on a link to see the image.

I think that we shpuld have a PDA phone in our class so we can.....

*Take on a feild trip and be able to take quality images and vidioes and then send them to our blog our use them for projects.

* We could use some of its programes such and Microsoft Word,Exel and publisher to write down notes as someone is speaking or plan a project.

*Useing pictures, videos and voice recording tools on a PDA phone we could recored some one taking a interview.

Kool ,thanks

Mr. Teehan said...

I have found using mobile blogging as a useful tool in and outside of the classroom. Our recent fifth grade trip to Stokes allowed the parents and students that did not attend the trip an opportunity to get a look at what we were experiencing as it was happening.

Mobile blogging can be very useful as a documentary tool while on class trips or when guest speakers come to the school. A class can easily follow up on the experience by adding comments to the pictures. By integrating this approach in addition to the mobile blogging, students have an opportunity to improve their writing skills and think critically.

A great tool which its uses are probably just beginning to be realized.


We could do mobile-video blogging because when we just blog, it is very interesting but it could be even better if we had a movie of what actually happened.

kitty milo said...

mobile blogging would be very fun, but snow girl has pretty much said all the reasons=]
it's fun and proves that cellphones are helpful because you can take pictures, and send them directly to your blog, it's easy BUT it would cost to send photos. depending on the quality of the camera it could help you to take better photos and people who don't have a digital camera, if they had a cellphone, they could take pictures from that and send them=]

hamilTron said...

I think that using mobiles would be a perfect opportunity for our class in many ways to integrate our learning.
My reasons are:
We can have digital and interactive
learning lessons with the teacher (Mr Woody) with the mobiles to also make our learning fun instead of copying out of a textbook.
We can help each other by alerting someone or the class to start up a debate or tutoring each other with out having to leave your desk and constantly asking the teacher.
We can ask other classes for opinions on things if the class is stuck on something or can't get to a answer.


sweet angel said...
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sweet angel said...

I think mobile's are very much needed in our classroom since we've got lots of things coming up e.g,hamilton inquiry project&people might need it for their science project&who knows wht other things that people in our classroom need it for...

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mudpies02 said...

I think mobile phones would be helpful in class because they are handy, small (and you can fit them in your pocket) and if something happens on the news, they often say 'This video was taken on a witness' cell phone' so if something exciting & unexpected happened, it's more likely you'd have a cell phone with you than a camera.
For the E-learning side of things, we talked about using digital learning projects. We would need a partner to work with, a computer between two, the time to do them and perseverance (in case we do it wrong the first time). It would also be very cool if we were a GATE-digital class! For that we would need Peachgrove to have the laptops! The money for us to hire them out, brains and creativity to use them in the best way possible!

chickenfeety said...

It would be a good tool but if people knew we had a cool phone they might steal it.Some people might mistreat it e.g drop it or use it incorrectly.