Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Digital Learning Objects

Hello official research monkeys [that means students in Room5 who used the digital learning objects and were recorded by Annick and Rob] - can you please make statements here about your experience with the cartown digital learning object? I would like to know if it was fun, engaging, whether or not you used it properly, or just rushed through trying to answer things so you could get to the next stage, etc. Did it help you learn anything? Was it useful in relation to your inquiry studies about Hamilton? How did you enjoy working in pairs?
Please be honest so i can learn from your experience.
The more detailed your answer, the better.
Mr WOody - research monkey manager

p.s. the primate shown is a bonobo. bonobos are a type of chimpanzee and are apes, not monkeys. there is a difference and as scientists we need to be clear about our distinctions between different groups when making classifications. [put your hand up if you understood what i just said]


kitty milo said...

yes it was fun and good for our learning. i liked working in partners because then we could share our answers out loud and share our opinion and what we thought and then we could teach eacother and work together well. it was a really fun programme because you had different options like newspaper, radio, television and one other ways to advertise things. it also raised conversation sbout pollution, traffic and other important issues in hamilton/nz. it was also really cool being filmed=]

rosiegal said...

I certainly wouldnt be putting my hand up (I didnt understand the last part! -_-)
Me and Neina did the challange together, and I didnt really enjoy it. It was a fun activity, but I dont think it helped us in any way that would benifit our learning. Some parts were really clear, but others were really quite confusing. At first me and Neina went for going for the traffic congestion thingy, but realised taht most of the videos, sounds and words were againt it, which was a bit unfair. But I did really enjoy the use of multi media and having to co-operate in a group while producing a video (or Add in the newspaper as I found out you could do after wards) that was of a high standard and make the people of Cartown want to have a traffic congestion hingy!

HamilTRON said...

Yea it was really cool!
You got to make your own ad to express yourself through television or newspaper or flyer or radio.
You got to vote if toll congestion was good for the town beacause they had too many cars on the roads.
See what the community was actually saying.
Actually investigating which took less than 30 minutes.
It was associated with pollution, congestion, and other stuff.
Thank You Rob And Annick for giving us this opportunity for us to learn via technology.
Much better than studying out of textbooks!


HamilTRON said...

And you got to add effects video, sound, and pictures to them to!


Cheetahlicious said...

I'm putting my hand up.
Yeah I agree, it was really fun and I learned things about how it effects our society and environment.
It was really cool making the TV and Newspaper report.

Neina-Marie said...

Yeah, me and Rosie did what Rosie said. That is all that CAN be said.
Oh, I really liked fitting the music in with the TV ad (but I only liked one piece).
(We lost our basketball game :{)

mudpies02 said...

(I'm keeping my hand down!) :o)
Nah, it didn't really help my learning. It was fun, but once you knew WHAT to do, it was quite simple actually doing it. There wasn't very many options for your TV ad so it was quite easy to pick the right one. (But sometimes you wanted to take another side and it didn't have options to match.)
Anyway, maybe we should have been on a higher level or something because I didn't find it particularly hard...

MrWoody said...

thanks Muddy - from analysing the captured data i can see that some very smart students still struggled to create logically consistent ads to match their opinions. so, maybe it was at a reasonable level for most people... but i take your point :-)

why can't you understand what i said about bonobos and classification? [this is a test of your communication and questioning skills]

HamilTRON said...

Yea same it was fun but not very difficult.


MrWoody said...

it was difficult enough for you to get it wrong and not complete it correctly, mr 'tron...

Snow Girl said...

I found it a little boring but i could see the things that i was learning from it...

- I could tell that i was learning to back up my opinion from lots of perpectives.

awesomo4000 said...

the learning objects were fun but only for the first time or two maybe one that had levels that push you, make it like a competion or video game make it a bit more interesting

Queenie said...

it was really fun.i enjoyed working with a partner because we shared our ideas and talked about them before we wrote it on the computer.

mudpies02 said...

Yeah, if I hadn't worked with a partner I wouldn't have thought about my answers and it wouldn't have helped me at all.