Monday, May 26, 2008

Victory for New Zealander in Famous American Race

Scott Dixon has created history, becoming the first New Zealand driver to win the Indy 500 at the Brickyard:

This is one of the world's most famous car races.

Do you have a favourite motorsport event? If so, what and why?


Roo said...

New Zealanders are awesome.

rosiegal said...

Yay! go Nz'ers! I have no idea about different races, as i am not a big motorsport fan! 9In other words, winning the Indy 500 means nothing to me!)

kitty milo said...

yay!!! just as i was reading this post it came up on the news about Scott Dixon! scary... i, like rosiegal are not a big motorsports fan either!!! but here is a website all about motorsports:
it tells about motor sports in nz, motor sports and the rest you'll have to go see!!!

HamilTRON said...

Scott Dixon Rules at motorsport.
He got pipped by the post by Dario Franchitti by under 10 pts but he wins the Indy 500!!!
Sorry Mr Woody I don't have a favourite track!
I'm a motorsport freak!!!!
And have you heard this tragic news.
My big sister DJ A is drowning in her own tears after Robert Knox (Marcus Belby) has been stabbed to death after trying to protect his younger brother who had been taunted.
He was 18.

P.S I've got a question.
Do you think Kiwis are doing better in sport. Since last year?


Neina-Marie said...

The guy who won tipped a bottle of milk over his head! I bet he didn't cry over spilt milk!
I lie moterbike racing - but only the crashes!!!

HamilTRON said...

I found out that he was being chased by Vetor Meira in the race and that Marco Andretti had taken the lead but only for him to slip back into third.
Meira finshed in second 1 seccond behind Dixon.
Once again kiwis rule!

HamilTRON said...


and check out the photos on the stuff website.

Sweet As!!!!!


Intrepid Tiger said...

It doesn't really count he's only a New Zealand Citizen.

HamilTRON said...

Oh yea and there were 5 different leaders in the fist half of the race!



P.S Winning the Indy 500 will change my life!
You get your face engraved on the massive trophy. God knows how big it is!
And you win 3,000,000 bucks!!!!!
What can beat that race?

mech boy said...

Yes that is quite an achievement.
Now, that will put NZ on the map! Scott Dixon said that Americans thought New Zealand was a part of Australia.

mudpies02 said...

I saw that on the news the other day! I thought it was milk he was pouring over his head.... !! :D

rosiegal said...

It was milk that he was pouring over his head! I love your pun Neina! HamiltrON,you said 'Winning the Indy 500 will change my life'. But you havent won any thing! I think you were meant to say Would instead of will!

MrWoody said...

good point rosiegal. i noticed that too.

Cheetahlicious said...

I'm not completely interested in motorsport and I don't really know the difference between them but...
Okay so that was a bit exaggerated but still YAY!!
Yes would would be the better word.
B.T.W. is that website that me and Emily found blocked at school?
(Question for Mr. Woody.)
Also can anyone find the bad grammar I wrote in this post. (It could be anywhere.)