Tuesday, May 20, 2008

to our audience

I suspect quite a few people are checking out our blog [over 10,000 last year], but hardly anyone ever leaves us a comment.
We in Room5 would reeeeeeeeeally appreciate anyone taking time to contact us by leaving a comment.
Mr Teehan in New Jersey has been superb in this respect. Thanks to Mr Teehan and his class, who we now blog with and hope to share podcasts, etc, once we get out IT issues sorted at this end.
I know there are classes in NZ with great blogs so please contact us to allow a sharing of ideas and friendship. It seems odd that our only friends so far are all the way over in America. [cool though!]

Room5ians - would you enjoy blogging with kids from other schools in NZ? What sort of things could you do together to make learning more interesting or fun?

Prizes for the most innovative, creative, exciting ideas.


Cheetahlicious said...

I think it would be great to blog with kids from NZ.
I also think it was great communicating with kids outside NZ because we get to know what sorts of things they do and what their cultural background is.I think that we could learn from each other like we do in class.
We could learn their subjects and find new, interesting things to study.

rosiegal said...

Maybe if one class is doing a project that the other classes know about, we could share our ideas and learn maybe from a different cities (Or country's) perspective!
Some teachers might be really good at some subjects, but others might not be soo good at maybe English. So, while other teachers are teaching subjects that they are in, Teachers wouldnt have to teach stuff that they are npot so good at.
If we did connect with classes around New Zealand, we couold show them our finished HamiltON inquiry Marvin clips, maybe even attracting people into Hamiltron! And it would be cool like what we did with Mr Teehnan, share stuff we know about oter people cities or countries, and stuff about Hamilton!
Our Clustr map would be een bigger from all the people in that class room looking at 'Room5ians rule!'
Im lost for ideas now, but if i think of any more than I will Report back.

Roo said...

Yeah I think it would be awesome.
It would be good for us to learn more about internet safety.
It is also a great opportunity for us to learn about other classes topics they are studying. We can learn how they live.

To make it more fun we could make small movies and have a conversation like that.

We can have deep discussions about topics with web cams and microphones.
Keep in touch through email and blogging.
Play learning games against each other.
Have competitions for work using computers.

olly said...

I leart quite alot of interesting facts from the Armerican blog and think it would be cool, interesting and helpful if we could do the same with other blogers.

mojo said...

Maybe there could be lots of different blogs on different subjects such as maths spelling etc. Where kids and teachers could talk to each other about the subject. Only one problem the time difference so it might be limited to NZ only :C.

hamilTron said...

I think it is really important for people to leave there details so we can get back and do some real cool things with each other like for instance: have activities of what we know about our cities mobile blog.
Skype to see each other and other things like that it will be very fun!

flower kitty said...

When you look at the ClustrMaps, there are visitors EVERYWHERE!

So why aren't they commenting...
We can't find them until we know their blog/web pages.

We could put a heading encouraging other teachers from other schools to comment and tell others!


mech boy said...

Yes good point mojo, that would mean it would only be restricted to N.Z and other neighbouring countries because here it might be 5pm and somewhere else like 5am which would mean it would be hard to converse with other blogs.
Yes, I would enjoy talking with other people in New Zealand, it would be fun to see the different way people use the blogs and to see in what ways kids are taught differently in other communities

MrWoody said...

fab-tastic comments, smallpeople!
i am delighted to read your insightful ideas.
keep 'em coming

sweet angel said...

It's lovely to see lots of people on the cluster maps but they arn't commenting anything on room 5's blog.Some people also copy Room5ians blog's name.although we could copyright it but it'll cost lots of money.

sweet angel said...

yes,I would enjoy blogging with other kids in diffrent parts of New Zealand..But i think skyping might be a bit more interesting because on blogger they could tech you a new word but you might not know how to pronunce it.Anyways...It would make my learning more interesting and fun because
first I will probebly learn more about mobile blogging and
second I will learn more about diffrent parts of New Zealand in a more faster and better version then reading books.

Snow Girl said...

I think that blogging with people no matter where they are is a really cool idea.
IF we were to blog with people in NZ it would be useful to be able talk about things that are happening around the country.

If we were to blog with people around the world we could learn about all there culture, What they are studying are we could help each other out.

Our class has been very lucky to make sonew friends in New Jersey USA. We have hade a flight debate about who flew a plane first.
Our USA friends have recently gone on a blogging field trip the stokes and posted images from they mabile phones directly to their blog.
If people from around the world and NZ posted on our blog we would with no worries come an dpost on your blog!!!!

Bye Snowy

Log-on said...

but how do you know if people are clicking next blog and stuff. like they didn't want to go on

or maybe no one has a account

Neina-Marie said...

Here is an idea - we blog heaps, but then we can go to the spot thats in the middle of the two towns/cities, and it would be cool and fun. At least I would like it.

Miss Signal said...


I am a teacher from Auckland, NZ, just up and over the Bombay Hills from you! :) I am impressed with your blog, all the conversations and idea's that you share with each other.

You are going to be Room 22s Blog Of The Week - Room 22 are new to blogging and I think you are great role models for them! Look out for comments from them in the next week or so.

Our blog is http://twenty2.edublogs.org I look forward to reading more and maybe we can participate in a project with you sometime like you have spoken about above?!

Have a great week,
Miss S. :)

Snow Girl said...

Hi miss signal
I went to your blog and had a look is was very cool. What age kids do you teach?

While i was looking a stumbled across this blog...
Go and have a look they are a class of year 5s. They are also from tauranga and they blog with people from over seas.

Bye snowy

Cheetahlicious said...

Hi people I looked at all of your comments and they are really cool.
I just came on to say that I will not be attending school today so if you want you can send me some work.
If not that's fine because I've got crosswords.

Miss Signal said...

Hi Snow Girl

Thanks for having a look at our blog - I am showing the Room5ian blog as our Blog Of The Week this morning!

I teach a class of 26 Yr 5 Students. How many students are in your class?

Thanks, Amanda

room22 said...

Greetings Room5ians!

We've looked at your blog and it looks very exciting and insanely fantastic!! We are a class of 26 children and we are nine and ten year olds.

If you are free come and check out our blog - some of us are going to leave you comments and read your blog.

We think its amazing how many people have checked out your blog.

We would love to have a skype call one day with you and find out more about being a Room5ian. We thought that if you are Room5ians, we must be Twenty2ians! :)

From the Room Twenty2ians ;)

kitty milo said...

i would love to blog with other kids because we could learn about where they live, learn about them and what they are studying in class and maybe do a project with them or something, we could skype with them and they could be our online pen pals!!!!
we could just comunicate and share all our knowledge and the way we learn and get feed back and tips on how to do things better!!!!

kitty milo said...

Oh and I just visited room 22"s blog and posted a comment on their post about us!!! and this is what I said:
hi im kitty milo from room 5. our class are some 10 year olds, most 11 years olds and some 12 year olds. we study hamilton and how we could improve it and ask questions like "is hamilton an interesting place? we have debates and discuss things in class and we are really into our blog. we even held a expo to teach people how to blog better! we are also doing a project and we make a marvin movie in which you choose a topic to do about Hamilton like graffiti or burglary and then we put all the photos in a slideshow and can have little charactors popping up and saying your own personal message! we do much more but I just said some stuff. Our class is awesome fun and I love being in room5! thanks for visiting our blog and feel free to visit mine! my blog kitty milo just has random cool interesting stuff, class research has topics we have been doing in class and what I think about it, Hamilton is awesome blog has photos of hamilton and what i think about hamilton and information on hamilton! ok

Roo said...


This is going to be so cool since Rm 22 is technology crazy.

sweet angel said...

It'll be good for us to blog with Rm22 because since they have such a cool blog they can show us how to do/use some of the things that they used on their blog.

chickenfeety said...

hi guys
That means if it in NZ that means we can skip people without having to come to school at like 5:00 am in the morning.

kitty milo said...

hi mrs signal, our class has 30-31 people and we are yr 7 form 1.it's cool to hear we're your blog of the week and great to hear we're your role models for blogging=] i think it would be a great idea to do a project with you and skype with you. from kittymilo,bye=]

Neina-Marie said...

Kitty Milo, it is 31-32, that is how many, kids we have in our class. Do not be befuddled by that excellent mind of hers, but our brains go mush no matter how hard we try :)

I agree with KM, about how it's cool about us being role-models. Being a role-model feels great!

gnome said...

thats right kitty milo it would be really fun to skype with other people ,and hopefully it would help us understand this wierd yet wonderful world.

chickenfeety said...

What I meant to say was that it could mean we could skype other classes without having to come into school at like 5:00 am in the morning.

Mr. Teehan said...

Even though we are all the way over in the USA, we too would love to expand our network...even to include other schools in NZ. Our school year is rapidly coming to a close (end of June). It might seem a long way off, but really it is right around the corner. Can we still SKYPE? My class is still eager to do it (at the very least once?!) Thanks!

Lynne Crowe said...

Hi there Room5ians
We have been blogging for the past two years and also find it difficult to get comments from our many visitors. The students in our class all have their own blogs. There are links to them on our class blog room3tai.edublogs.org
We would love you to visit us as we are a similar class to you - a Year 7& 8 accelerate class in TA.

Lynne Crowe

nicky said...

Hi my name is Nicole and I go to Te Awamutu intermediate. I am in room 3 with Mrs Crowe. I am even a year 7!! I am so exicted to be at Te Awamutu. If you want you can leave a comment on my blog at

Alexandra said...

I am a year seven and I go to Te Awamutu Intermediate. I got my blog at the start of the and already have 88 comments except that they are all from the same people: my teacher, my dad, my grandparents (sometimes), the Allstars and a few other people. I would really appreciate it if you could visit my blog and leave a comment. My URL is: http://alextai.learnerblogs.org/
I have 25 posts and I'm sure you will enjoy atleast one of them. The 'hook' in the story is something that makes you want to keep reading and reading.I hope you understand what the 'hook' in the story means now.
From Alex =]

Miss Signal said...

Hi amazing Room5ians!
I'm glad you are so excited about blogging and skyping with my class. They were very impressed with all the conversations you are having.

Hope you are having a great week!
Miss Signal

MrWoody said...

see you on twitter miss signal :-)
Great to have interaction with your class

Floss said...

You've shamed me into commenting rather than just lurking! I'm a local parent of slightly younger students. I love reading about what the Room5ians are up to, and hope that my kids will land in such an exciting classroom with kids who enjoy learning as much as you all seem to.

fred said...

I think skyping would be cool because then we would be able to see how all the other classes learn and what they do for fun

MrWoody said...

@Floss - how wonderful to actually hear from a parent!!!! And positively too ;-)
Many thanks :-)

rosiegal said...

Floss, are you a parent of one of our class mates? (I dont think that i quite understand your comment!) Its great that so many people are commenting from outa peachgrove!
I am now Captain for 3-11 hockey!

dreamhuntress said...

(im sweet angel but i have changed my name)Last year in my class rm 11 we had a class blog as well but it was short lived because no one hardly goes on it.But i think my teacher made another one,i have got her email address and ill ask her to come on room5ians blog.

Dorothy Burt said...

Hi Room 5

I have been visiting your blog now for more than a year because I have you in my blog reader. Do you use a blog reader? I use bloglines and everytime you post something new I get notified on my blog reader and I come and have a look.
I know Mr Woody vists our school blog http://kpetv.blogspot.com from time to time to listen to our podcasts.

I am going to link my name above to a page with ALL the blogs I am involved with in the schools I work at in Auckland. You might find some interesting things there too.

Keep inspiring us with you learning

Mrs Burt

Marz Barz said...

Heya Guys. I am in room5 but lately i have been SOOO busy I havnt had a chance to go on the blog! Hey Mr. Woody, I have been visiting other blogs around and have been commenting. Does that make up for my absence on the blog? Hehe! I am now putting the pics of the V8's on my blog. Thanks, Marz!

Mz Beamy said...

Hey this is Marz but I forgot my other password! hehe!

Mz Beamy said...

This a bit off topic but: Mr. Woody could you please please please please please please look at my blog. it now has my pics from the V8's and yeah..


Floss said...

Hi Rosiegal

No, I'm not the parent of one of your classmates. My kids are still at primary school but we hope they'll grow up to be Room5ians or something similar!

thomas said...

hi im m3thomas and i relly like your blog and where making some blogs and myn is about graffiti

Mz Beamy said...

Oh cool, Thomas! we are doing graffti in class (well some people in the class are!)

Marshall said...

to those people who are new or haven't left comments before: welcome, welcome to the amazing blog of the Room5ians! it's nice to see that all of you are contributing to our blog. we will have more people to help us with discussions and problems! Yay!
P.S please excuse Marshall for not being on the blog lately. Thanks, Marshall :-}

dreamhuntress said...

You guys should see the cluster map,it's filled with people from north is;and from N.Z!But it's still the same few people who are commenting on room5ians blog.

Mr Webb said...

If theres anyone interested in swapping videos with our school then we'd be more than happy to! We've been working only for a few months on the blog page, and got a little bit of conent up but the Waikato and Hamilton in particular is very dear to my heart! (If you download a video from our site you get a four second burst of the mooloo song on every video plus you might recognise the statue at the start...). You're very luck to have Mr Woody as a teacher and have this awesome blogpage, its one of the best around!

Mr Webb
Tamaki Intermediate School,
Panmure, Auckland.

Mz Beamy said...

Wow thank you, Mr. Webb! I think this is great that so many people are now contributing to the blog! I hope to see more in the future!

mudpies02 said...

Wowza!!! So many people have commented because of this post!! It's great! :D Also, sorry I haven't been on for a while either - I've been so busy with my Jazz exam TOMORROW (Sorry, the shock is just coming to me!!) and all... The ClustrMap has so many red dots! Soon we won't be able to see any islands at all!! :o)

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

wow mr.woodcock its great to see how many people have visited our blog since you put on the post that is super cool!!!!
Ashy mashy 101

efreeman said...

Hi Room5ians

Your blog is fantastic and my class have enjoyed reading it.
We are new to blogging this year and have included you on our 'blog buddies' list on our site.
We can't wait to learn more about what your class are learning about and making some new friends in New Zealand.
Your teacher Mr Woody is pretty cool too ;)

Please come and visit our blog soon:

Mrs Freeman (M3's teacher)

Mz Beamy said...

Soo Many Comments!!!!!!!!!!! This is REALLY cool! I think This is SO Cool!

HamilTRON said...

This post has been a smash hit.
Very interesting where people have been commenting from.
Maybe we can have a big NZ quiz about our cities!
Did you see the Hurricanes vs the Crusaders?
Crusaders won 22-33
Go Crusaders beat the Tahs' in the final!

MrWoody said...

lovely to hear from mrs freeman and her class - lets check them out :-)

young_veteran said...

Any chance of me winning that prize sah. no offense sah, but you look like you should be in the loony bin(oh that's right theirs no help for you).
Fight the power.

C.A said...

Hello room5ians,im a student from room22. We loved all your work on your blog it looks really fantastic and really tons of work!

Im looking forward to see what kinds of things you have learnt and it sounds like you have done an amazing job with it!!=))

We hopefully that people can visit our blog and leaving comments that what we did.

Thanks ,C.A

Marz Barz said...

Yay last one to comment =]