Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The trouble with ICT is...

Actually, I am quite passionate about integrating ICTs into our classroom programme, but I'm finding it quite difficult at present due to a whole lot of problems cropping up. Basically, we should have finished our Hamilton Inquiry unit already, but we can't get simple things to work and therefore we can't get our assignments finished.
Our Marvin digital stories would be great... if we could make them.

Please list here all the factors you can think of that are slowing us down...


hamilTron said...

I get so annoyed when technology gets stuffed up. ICT's have positives and negatives.
I'm going to set up a debate on my blog.
May the debating begin!


rosiegal said...

Technology that is letting us down is very annoying! Internet connection is a big problem for most people, but apart from MR Woody's Email not working I think that the internet was fine for us. Was it Mr Woody?

Cheetahlicious said...

I think that modern technology although cool it really brings us heaps of problems.
For example: I girl forgot to hand in her writing assignment because the printer was broken and then the teacher got mad and threatened to give her detention if it wasn't handed in by tomorrow.

Also i we see a really cool video on youtube we couldn't share it with the class at school.

Some of us don't have the internet and some of us we do have internet but it's always slow or the connection's failed.

Like Mr.W said we can't do MARVIN because the computers take forever to set up and we don't have millions of ICT suite managers.

But although we have all these technical difficulties ICT can be really cool and effective and quick.
We can send pictures instantly from our phone to the blog.

We can communicate easily.

Finding information is way easier.

And as Mr. W often points out in class, it's much easier to teach with all these cool websites.

rosiegal said...

Very good comment Cheetalishious! I hate it how tech doesnt work! Perhaps today jjst wasnt a good tech day!

MrWoody said...

great comment, cheetalicious!

chickenfeety said...

For some people it good because they get more time to do there work with out other work getting in the way you know what I mean.

Snow Girl said...

I think that we are so luckey to have the oppertunity to be exposed to all the differant and the latest and greatest technology.
BUT there is usely some thing that is not working or something like that.
In our class some of th ethinks that are slowing us down are....

*At school we are not able to fully acses our blog and this is a problem because it is one of our main features in our classroom

*along with our blog and many web sites we are blocked to going on thesse sites.
We can see why some websites are blocked for our own saftey buy some might be blocked that Mr Woody Knows are safe.

*Mudpie's mum is an awesome ICT lady but because she is so good every one wants her help so classes like ours are left with new computers but all they do is sit there and we are not able to use them.

*Simpal cabiling isues are also holding us up.

*Our software(Marven) that we will use for our Hamilton project is not up and running. We tryed to get it going to day but they was a few problems along the way.

*Since Room 5 and 9 are the first classrooms in the world the try the marvin software what we do with it must be of to a high standed.For some the long wait could be getting toooooo long and it could be getting boring or lossing interest of the topic but for others this long wait could have led to the most amazing digistory and be rewarded with an X-BOX!!!

Thesse are some of the problems that we have in our class but along with that there are many awesome things to go with it!!!

Thanks Snowy!!!!

MrWoody said...

hooray!!!! real people engaging us in a learning community!

kitty milo said...

*-sometimes can be unsafe because some scary people are on the internet
*-could not be fast enough and slow us down and we wouldn"t be finished in time
*-could forget a password to access something
*-some things are blocked by watch dog or that thing that blocks unsafe sites
*-it would be alot of work to set up and get going and the people with the knowledge to do it might be busy.
*-handwriting and other basic ways to learn are also important.
*-some people might not know how to use marvin or whatever we used them for
*-your eyes get fixed on the screen and it's bad for you if you sit there for to long
*-could be stolen, it's a burgelar attraction
*-it's expensive for the school's electricity bill=]
*- it a faster way to complete something
*-it's sometimes a more interesting way to learn
*-if you didn't have computers at home you could use them at school for and it would be fun
*-it's free for the students(haha)
*-it has direct answers with just a little bit or research
*-they cost lots to buy and run

thanks for reading, hopefully I didn't repeat to much=]

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

well there is so many bad things like what every1 said but we cant stop that much because we dont know how to make computers faster b cause it cant be help unless your a pro

Aquagirl said...

One of the reasons why I don't go ICT very much is because half of the time when I try to go on the a website it won't let me or it dosen't work

gnome said...

the trouble with ict is that too many people are finding ways to scam and hurt computer users. Which causes our parents to feel alarmed that is the problem with ict.

Neina-Marie said...

For me, the worse thing is definitely trying to get my head around new things. Right, here are instructions. Get on with it.
Nah, how can you do this then this, set it up, then copy and paste, print, scan, tada, you have a CD.
There is a bigger picture that some people (like me) have to look at before they can do what ever they should so, and it gets anoyyyyyyying.

mech boy said...

I hate ICT it is so annoying. Did Albert Einstein use ICT? Did Isaac Newton use ICT? Did Charles Darwin use ICT? Did Ernest Rutherford use ICT?
If they did they didn't use it whenever they felt like it. We use ICT everyday but do we come up with new theories that change the understanding of life?

MrWoody said...

whoops- didn't mean to shout

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

when we use ICT we must turn it off after using it because it equals electricity which equals pollution which equals global warming!!! :)

Marshall said...

ICT is a really useful tool in our learning. but sometimes we can have problems with that, too. for example:
-my USB flash disc malfunctioned when my work is stored on it. i can't view my work form my USB, so i took it apart.
-cameras can also be frustrating, too. especially when i needed to get photos of the hamilton lake and waikato river when the camera itself malfunctioned! (it's not my fault!!!)
-classroom computers-not enough for us to go on at the same time, to do our MARVIN animations.
this is all i can think of. i'll add more things i can later on.


Marshall said...
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mudpies02 said...

Yeah... (Basically everything has been said already, but I'll put anything new - newish that I can think of!!)

Well, the bad things are that (as said so many times before) Lots of websites are blocked on the computer that Mr Woody knows that can be used to help our learning. That means we have to access the websites at home, which means we have to figure out everything yourself which takes longer. Also, we simply don't really have enough computers in the classroom to all do our MARVIN projects, which means that we have to do something else while we're waiting, and if we don't finish it but we have a chance to go on the computer, we might use the time to finish what we were doing while we were waiting instead of doing our MARVIN. Of course there are always the difficulties with logging on, having slow internet, trying to be as safe as possible - but still learning maximum!

I think ICT is always going to have its' problems, but there are its' good points too; Like, even if it is slow sometimes, internet is MUCH quicker. There are so many cool blogs & websites to explore and to help you learn. Information is very easy to access and technology all around the world is getting better and better every day (though, there is a down side to that if you have seen 'The story of stuff'!!)

I hope my comment has been useful & enjoyable :D Mudpies