Monday, May 26, 2008

Mars Mission

Read about the successful mission to Mars.

Does anyone have any interests in "space"? If so, what are they?


young_veteran said...

young veteran reporting for dutie sah. we should be reaching as far as possible out into space. you never know, they helped the Egyptians and who knows they might hit New Zealand next.
Fight the power.

kitty milo said...

wow! that looks amazing...helvetian is at my our house=] we are all amazed. i love studying space, i love studying planets and their size, facts about them and their atmosphere. this is a really cool website:
about black holes, hubble telescope, missions, astronomy and astronauts and more=] you can visit it. i looked around and it's aweosme!!! from kitty milo=]

rosiegal said...

I* am wondering who young vetaran is, but I guess WE will all find out 2moro!
I am glad this is not another april fools trick like the one about 'Space Eagles'. I know it is not, as I just heard on the radio about the sucessful landing of the space ship rthat is going to determine whether Mars can be lived on. It would realy be awesome if we could, as it would be fun to live on two planets! And also, If we could live on Mars, like rthe stuff video was talking about, we cant live the way we are if we just have one planet. The Earth cant sustain the wway we are living. So if we had another planet, we would take more caution as to not over run it like Earth is now. but to also use it for all things that wouldnt work if we would continue living this way! (But we wouldnt just dump our 'Stuff' on tere!)

Neina-Marie said...

Hey thats cool, because NASSA thought it might not go as planned, but now we can see if aliens exist!!! I can't wait!!!

HamilTRON said...

Wow kinda intriguing when it says that they were watching with other similar missions failed!
Space makes me happy and interested!
Hey, there is this book that I suggest to all readers.
It's called George's Key To The Universe by Stephen and Lucy Hawking.
It's really good try it.
It's got real pictures of up to date space research and photos of remarkable things in the universe.
It has got the most up to date info about space.
It's in our school library!!!


HamilTRON said...

This is associated with Tagging in Hamilton.
Ms Barham said in assembly that a few students from Peachgrove Int. were caught Tagging Real Estate Signs after school.
I mean come on.
Is this the future of Hamilton?
Will our city be rewened by tagging?

Justify your answers.


Dreamhuntress said...

Wow,the picture looks so realistic.

kitty milo said...

i think it's really sad how people from our school were tagging. we're supposed to be role models!!! it's also really sad how a boy neally got hit by a train. that would have been soooo scary. i also don't know why we arn't allowed to walk around in group's of 5. my friends and i wouldn't do any harm???!!. im not offending the school rules though=]
bye. sorry it was off topic......
Kitty Milo. oh and i just saw the rocket thing on tv and a man was really nervous because the thing that traveled to mars had to slow down in 7 minutes so they could safely land on marz. they were going really fast. i think that the spacecraft was called phoenix...

Intrepid Tiger said...

Mars is cool!
I was the first person to discover water on mars, as that is what my picture is of.

Get it? Hehe.

mech boy said...

Very funny intrepid tiger.
Errr, Rosie Gal, there is no chance whatsoever we would ever live on Mars it is not sustainable to life and we would explode or something of the sort if we got near it (I won't go into detail). I'm sorry to bum you out though. We are the only planet we are going to get. By the way, hte planet proabably isn't going to get messed up by global warming, global warming is just a small snap of heat (20,000-30,000 years) and then a very large ice age (900,000-1,000,000 years). It is just a massive cycle (these facts are not 100% likely, but they most definitely will happen).
Sorry I strayed from the topic.
I am very fascinated in the Big Bang theory, the outer reaches of our solar system and beyond (e.g. The Oort cloud).
To sum it all up I'm very interested in one book which has thing e.g. the Big bang theory, it is called Bill Bryson A short history of nearly everything. I would recommend it to people who don't mind reading a book that can be tedious in some parts yet still fascinating in other parts (400 pages).
If there is anything you don't understand tell me so I try to fix it.

rosiegal said...

I was just hoping and wishing taht, I knew that we wouldnt be able to, but there is no harm in dreaming! I believe also what you wrote about climate change! All this P.C. stuff about "cleaning the air" and "lowering pollution cause the world is going to end!" is mostly rubbish, and the earth is just going through a natural cycle!

MrWoody said...

its not rubbish, rosiegal - we are making it worse - pretty much any sane scientist will tell you so.
but also, you are right - we are going through our natural cycle of glacial and interglacial periods - however, if we wish to survive and have a nice planet to live on, we should take better care of it.
would you like to live in a hot, toxic desert with nothing but cockroaches to have as pets?

Cheetahlicious said...

How do we know that this is not another hoax like the landing on the moon?
Nah just kidding.
My mum told me that the reason some of the pictures of Mars don't look red (i mean the planet) is because they set the sky to look blue but really Mars doesn't have a blue sky like we do.

awesomo4000 said...

i want to know if the americans really landed on the moon and if so why arent they going back? why only robots like mech boys long lost brothers