Tuesday, May 27, 2008

D.A.R.E. - whoops

uh oh - something else i forgot to do was give you the preliminary DARE chat to set you up for your first DARE lesson. Typical...
As a result some of you can't even spell the name of the programme - how shocking.
How was it? What did you learn?
You can make comments here after each lesson.
Constable Jo is very cool, isn't she :-)

[b.t.w. - it's D.A.R.E., not dear, or deer]

[b.t.w. - b.t.w. stands for by the way]


mojo said...

well we learnt about some things on why youth takes drugs i think all though we thought of them all ourselves. ;D

HamilTRON said...

Well Constable Joe Introduced herself.
Than we tackled "Why do people take drugs?" and then The Constable gave out these two sheets of paper and they were both different coloors and they had questions on them on our emotions, feelings what would you do . And we cut them out and they ended up as a puzzle!


rosiegal said...

It was a very good lesson, and Constable Jo is awesome! Firstly we all had to try and come up with reasons for why people take drugs, and we had to match them to rthe letters of the alphat bet (eg. R; rebelling. V; violent home situation etc.) Us Room5ians got all the letters which was very cool! WE then had to fill out sheets that had the main reasons why people take drugs, Which were
Peer pressure
and two others that I forgot!
WE were very lucky, as we got cool DARE pens! We then had a while to fill out jigsaw puzzle peices to give wat else we could do if we were for instince, angry, instead of drugs. When we finished writin the answers we cut the peices out and made a Jigsaw Puzzle! The lesson was very good, and you were very naughty to have not taught us the first lesson mr Woody! I hope you feel better soon!

kitty milo said...

dare-dare to be different. like everone said, she got us to match a reason why people take drugs with a letter. we got all of them and apparently the previous class only got half!!!yay... then we had to write down how we would deal with things onto a piece of paper/puzzle and cut it out and stick it together. she even supplied glue and scissors.!!!
it was an awesome lesson and i'm sure room 5 learnt heaps... bye

Roo said...

We used the alphabet key.

Dreamhuntress said...

we used the alphabet key and Constable Jo gave us a puzzel and we cut them up and glued them in our random topic books and she gave us each free pen each.

Snow Girl said...

Opps sorry for the spelling of DARE not dear or deer!!!!!!

rosiegal said...

THank goodness you actually spelt it right this time! I cant wait untill future lessons! How long does DARE go for?

Neina-Marie said...

Six weeks Roasiegal, I listen to the non-important stuff and dream away...

It was halarious, really funny, when KittyMilo filled in her puzzle piece that said When I am down I go to.... She said "I may say My drug-dealer." I cracked up laughing! (Do not actually follow her instructions.)

Snow Girl said...

you no, that does sound funny Neina but DARE is a surpost to be a serious thing but im sure that it wont matter about a laugh once in a while!!!!!!!!

b.t.w. Are you coming to teach us today Mr Woody. Ou class does not really work with out you!!!

rosiegal said...

Yeah, its hard not randomly talking about stuff, and we really hope you are back 2 moro. At one point of the dare, we were suggesting other thinhs we could do (instead of drugs) and the question was asked, if you were feeling down, what could oyu do? And I answered "your Mum and dad" instead of saying "talk to your mum and dad" And teh class cracked up. Im not sure why it was so funny, but maybe it was to do with that saying that was in last year "Your mama is so..."?????!!!!!

MrWoody said...

i'm glad you enjoy my randomness, rosiegal :-) and i will be delighted to be back tomorrow!

rosiegal said...

Yay!!! u will be back after all, its really great that we have the blog, other wise we wouldnt have any clue why you were off school and when you would b back!

Cheetahlicious said...

YAY! We missed you Mr. Woody.
The lesson with Constable Joe was great.
Like everyone has pointed out we did an alphabet key were we match a reason for taking drugs to a letter of the alphabet and it was really cool and we got all the letters. (Not cause we're taking things like that.)
Like everyone has said we did a puzzle and each piece of the puzzle had a question on it asking you what you could do instead of taking drugs.
eg. What could you do for a headache?
I would say something like water instead of Panadol or a pain killer.
Then when we filled all those in we had to fit the puzzle pieces together.
I've met constable Joe before.
I learned at my drama lesson that saying "and stuff" is pointless and that my examiner was an english teacher and we can't say things like "like" and "um" and "and stuff".

rosiegal said...

Very good grammar! I, like many other people in our class need to stop saying "Like" all the time!
Cause, It like, is like, really, umm, like cool, cause we like, did all this, like, random things and stuff! ( Did I pass the test Cheetahliscious! )
Where did you meet Constable Joe before???

Cheetahlicious said...

Oh she taught us road patrol and we had this day at the pools and she was there supervising the many schools.
No rosiegal you didn't pass very naughty. (Just Jokes!)

Aquagirl said...

For me it was a bit different having some one else to teach us instead of constible Tarcy and I have never used an alphabet key before

awesomo4000 said...

if someone was taking drugs who do you think it would be and what type for what purpose

Queenie said...

The DARE programme is going to be so much fun.We used an alphabet key to find out why young people take drugs.We filled in every letter with an idea.it was funny because we wouldn't stop untill we had every letter of the alphabet.