Friday, May 30, 2008

We love our pets

Tell me about your pets.

Here is my lovely boy, Manny, taken this week on a walk at Resthills Park in Glenview.


p.s. I decided to be a good example and start using capitals properly because I have discovered that university students are showing up to study without any apparent idea how to write properly...and it IS important.

So there ;-p


Cheetahlicious said...

I love my pets.
Jack and Annabelle.
They are cats and they are gorgeous, fat cats aged 8.
One is boy one is girl and one is ginger and one is black.
They are really fat and Jack is really dumb. (emphasis on the reallys.)

kitty milo said...

I love my cat kitty milo. he is an old, fat, lazy, cute, loving,loyal, charming, fiesty, gazey, funny, furry, warm, cuddly, boy!!! he is gorgeous and fussy. there are so many other words to describe him. i love him to pieces. his full name is:
kitty milo bj gus matthew flame maia weiss. he is born on the 20th of december 1998. (not). we chose him because our old neighbour's cat had a litter of cats and we went to see which one we wanted and all the other kittens went shuffling away but he meowed his way over to us.=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]
i named him the famous name "kitty milo" because when i was 2 i was drinking milo so i just randomly said "kitty milo", and thats how he got his name.hehe.
this is a cat poem that applies to kitty milo:
What matter's to a cat
It's not the fact that you stroke them Or you groom them
Or you sleep with them all night
No, it's that bowl of tucker
a happy cat is a, fat belly cat
A happy cat is a, fat belly cat
A happy cat is a slow moving cat
A cat who sleeps all day
And fornicates all night
A cat who sleeps in the coolest place in summer
Or the warmest place in winter
So women remember, a fat cat is a happy cat
So women remember, three meals a day.

found at:
It's called " A Fat Cat Is A Happy Cat.!!!

this is another nice poem:
Christmas Cat…..,
Oh Christmas Cat…..,
Lonely Little Christmas Cat….,
I always wonder…..,
We’re you’re at……,
Lonely Christmas Cat…..! ! !

She ran away one Christmas eve….,
Never to be seen again…..,
That’s why I miss my Christmas cat….,
Lonely Christmas Cat…..! ! !

I leave food out every night…..,
Hoping that she’ll come back….,
I pray and pray that she’s alright…..,
Lonely Christmas Cat…..! ! !

Another season has gone by…..,
And just when tears begin to dry…..,
My memory just won’t deny…..,
My Lonely Christmas Cat….! ! !

Christmas Cat…..,
Oh Christmas Cat…..,
Lonely Little Christmas Cat….,
I always wonder…..,
We’re you’re at……,
Lonely Little Christmas Cat…..! ! !

And since you’re gone…..,
There's a chill of emptyness.....,
In my heart......,
For without you......,
I’m so Lonely Christmas Cat…..! ! !
thanks for reading if you did rad it.
btw-this comment was dedicated to the best and most loved cat in the world-Kitty Milo. love you milo boy

Marz Barz said...

Wow Kitty Milo, you spent ages on that! woo hoo!


Torty Girl: A gorgeous, energetic, young, springy mum! she has brown fur with blonde, black and greyish pathes on her, and she is very slim! =] She has had 6 litters and she is only 3 years old! HOW WE GOT HER NAME: She is in fact, A tortoise shell cat. So one day my mum was like "Let's call her Torty Girl!" And we were like "okay!" The best part is it really suits her!

Smeagol: (Don't really know how to spell his name) he is a grey and white tabby cat and he is very fat and very spoilt! xD. He is a child of one of our former cats (Nails).
HOW WE GOT HIS NAME: His name kinda evolved from Lord of the rings! (You know, the character, smeogol Who is like "My precious") and he is very cute. The weirdest thing about Him is he gives you this stare like not what normal cats do. He is quite intelligent. He is one of the youngest cats we have but he is actually the smartest! he was the first to learn how to use the cat door! I love him very much.

MINKY: She is a very gorgeous black, sleek polydactyl. she is very loving and so friendly and bubbly!! HOW WE GOT HER NAME: my mum woke up one morning and was like "Let's call her Minka" So we were like "Okay" so she was Minka till lik, Last term when we shortened it to Minky (Well, not really shortend, but oh well!)
I love her soo much!

SUSHI: Random name, I know! She is the latest daughter of Torty Girl. she is also a totoise shell and she is torty girl's only tortoise shell, so we just HAD to keep her! She is very small for her age and SOOOOO Cuuuuute!!! Aww. HOW WE GOT HER NAME: Her name kept on changing but one day i came up with the name sushi and it totaly fitted with her so we called her sushi!!!!

Phew, That was a long comment! I'm Gonna Comment on fluffball's post then I'm off to Auckland! Yay me!!
See you all on Tuesda. Have a happy and safe holiday! =]

From Marz Barz

Roo said...

Here is a link to my blog on which you will be able to read my speech I wrote on my dog Ben.

P.S.Kitty Milo remember to use capitals.

olly said...

I've got an AWESOME cat nammed Buttons, she is the cutest thing in the world!!She is 6 years old, torise shell, quite fat and will eat anything!! I LOVE her SO SO SO much!!!!!!!!!!

HamilTRON said...

Wow Kitty Milo sounds like a pet for me!!!
Everyones pets sound really cool.


Neina-Marie said...

My cat is a three year old tortishell and white, and she is named Isabella Emma Tucker-Masters, Bella for short. She is literally gorgeous. She has long, thick, soft silky fur and a black patch over one eye and a ginger patch over the other!

The story:
It was a cold afternoon at the Waikato University, and me, my Dad and my step-Mum were wondering around the noticeboards. My new little sister was strapped close to my Step-Mum as we peered at notices (it was September). Then, I gave a little shout.
"Hey Dad!" I called, "Thereis a man who has a cat with some kittens, and he is giving them away! Can we go get one?"
My Dad and Step-Mum had a whispered discussion, and then my Dad announced "Me and you can go see."
That night, after dinner, Me and Dad went off to the house that had been indicated. We pulled up, and knocked. A chinese nam answered it. When I said we wanted to look at a kitten, he told us he had a week to get rid of them before he went to China. We followed him into a smallroom with a bed. The man said that the kittens had been born under the bed. I peered under, and a hissing sound met my ears. I sat up quickly.
The man and my Dad lifted the bed, so the Mum ran away, to the door. When the man coaxed her, shr relaxed, and let her litter free.I saw three girl tortishells, and one black and white boy. I gasped. "How pretty! the eight-year-old-I exclaimed. Dad told me I couldn't have the boy, because it would be too hard to take care of. I asked "Pleeeeeeeeease can I have one?"
And Dad thought.
He went out and got a cardbaord box while I chose. I wanted two, but that would have proved too hard to manage. I picked up one, and patted her ears. Then, just as I was about to say "This one!" the smallest, the runt, came up to me. She was like a pirate, she had big, round, loving eyes and a feisty posture. I knew this gorgeous kitty was destined to be mine.
I chose her, used my jacket as lining and showed a shocked Step-Mother our free shopping.

Bella was named Bella, because I had a stuffed toy dog, with a bell attatched. The dog was originally Bella, but when I saw my cat, I knew Bella was the perfect name.

She is slightly obnoxious, very cute, fiesty yet loving. In these winter months, she is snuggled up to me constantly, which I find very very soothing.
Bella, U R AWESOME!!

awesomo4000 said...

I have two cats one will eat anything after being abandorned on the streets and being starved he will even eat baked beans and brocoly the other caught a rabbit when he was two months old

mudpies02 said...

The only pets I've ever had were fish!! The last two fish me and my brother had were out of out Nana's pond. The were named Marlin and Nemo! (Finding Nemo!!) They lived for about 4 and a half years! The first fish I ever had were named Alice and Jeffrey or something like that. I'm not sure about the Jeffrey part - it might have been John!!

rosiegal said...

I have an adoorable Cat, called lucy, who rich tortise shell/ Tabby colourng are just GORGEOUS! She adopted us one evening turning up o our door step meowing lowdly, and so, although my dad was a llergic to some cats, we let her sleep the night, ansd Luckily my dad wasnt allergic. We called the SPCA and aftwer a month of finding oput if she was anyone elses, we got her! She is a large-ish cat, with heaps of attitude, and a really mean stare if she doesnt get her way! She is an adult and is probably about 10, but we have no clue when she was born because she turned up at our hose and didnt get to see her as a kitten! She is adorable and I love her to death, altough she has scratched and bitten me a few times!

Sherbet said...

I have a pig, a dog and two rats. My dog is called Pippy, she is a Fox Terrier and is very, very smart.
My pig is called lucy. She is a Kuni-kuni pig and is seven years old.(Something like that anyway)

My two rats are very cute and fun. I first only had one rat, my oldest, but then about two months later I started to think she looked lonely. In a book it said that rats like it better when they with more than one of them. So, one day after school i got a roomie for her, and my friend also got a roomie for her rat, my new rats' sister. At first my rat was really protective of my new one, and wouldn't let me near her, but now they LOVE coming out of the cage, and are the best of friends.

young_veteran said...

don't tell me about pets. i have "ahhhhhh" three cats, one dog, four turtles, three frogs, how ever many flys the frogs need, two birds, thirteen plus gold fish, five rats and not to mention my brother and sister. our house is a practical zoo. but their is order to the chaos the cats eat the fish, rats and birds. the dog eats the turtle and cat. the frogs eat the flys then jump away. and we eat whats left.
fight the power.

young_veteran said...

but still i love my animals(they taste great).
fight the power.
and public opinion.

mudpies02 said...

My project is on my blog now:o) Check it out!

Marz Barz said...

Wow, It is great to see SO many comments!!

Marshall said...

I am MARSHALL. No, I am NOT a dog, I HAVE a dog called MARSHALL. You can see from my picture what he looks like. Isn't he adorable? I know he looks a bit... well, weird. But that's alright. On My 'Masters blog', there's a photo of him trying to pop a bubble. He makes me laugh when I'm down. He's always there for me when I'm stressed out. Marshall solves that problem by trying to lick my face when he can't even reach it! Sometimes he gets a bit crazy(goodness knows why!). Marshall jumps up and starts to hug my leg!!! :-] It's really funny. The diassapoint part is that we had to give him away later on.

young_veteran said...

oh that's sad. I've got a crazy cat, she must have been born without a brain and whatever she ate after that has kinda filled in the space.
her name's Ella and i love her.
she is so stupid that once when she was sitting outside our back door, i opened the door to let her in and she bolted, as i started to close it again she ran for it again and when i tried to let her in it started all over again.