Sunday, May 04, 2008

HCC Expo video

Hi people - NeinaMarie and Rosiegal - if you can get your parents to confirm it is okay, i can post the video here of your expo experience. The documentary was made by Annick from PiL.
It is a very cool ten minute video, mostly of Rosiegal explaining the blogging and inquiry learning concept to Agent S. There are comments from the public, etc, as well.
Bring a note to school on Monday if you're allowed to have it shown.


Neina-Marie said...

I'll bring the note. It is a definite yes!

hamilTron said...

I'm not letting that opportunity slip between my fingers!!!!

MrWoody said...

Great news, NM.
Excellent attitude H-man! [but you're not in it - sorry - i didn't film it or edit it]