Thursday, May 08, 2008

writing and grammar

We need to learn about grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraphing, etc...

See this link for "Grammar Rock":

Can you find any other cool sites to help each other learn about written language?


mojo said...

you could try this

Stephen said...

Hey Mr Woody, It's Mr Baker here from Room5ians, Newbury School. Thanks for Posting a comment on our Blog and Yes we did steal the name from your Blog. Your Blog gave us inspiration and was one of the reasons we started a blog. Our blog was meant to be a bit of fun but has grown into something big. My Kids are Y4-6 and our Blog is in it's beginning stages.
Anyway thanks again your Blog is where it all begun for us.

mudpies02 said...

Hello! I have my HamiltON pics on my blog :o) Check them out!
I also have stuff about New Caledonia (Flower kitty does too), and how to get a ClustrMap. :D

IM A ROOM5IAN said...

i think this website is pretty good, go to the left list of stuff....

Neina-Marie said...

Mr. Baker you stole our name???
I don't think room5ians (Hamiltron) mind. I don't!
Weeeeell, about the writing and grammar site you suggested, Mr Woody, it may take me a few years to learn songs off by heart. It's a cool idea but maybe the sophisticated and modern kids in our class may think it's childish.

Cheetahlicious said...

They songs would take too long to chew all those words up and swallow them.
Sorry about that I just had a strange moment.
I think that actually like figuring out all the words and figuring out what part they play in the sentence is hard.
I always thought sentences were so easy!!

MrWoody said...

you're right, cheetaliciious - grammar and so forth is very tricky sometimes. it's a great workout for th ebrain to try to unravel the mysteries of our language.

mudpies02 said...

Grammar and stuff is HARD! I think I'd rather have have a 'normal' workout (jogging, push ups and stuff!!) It was kind of fun, though 8^)

kitty milo said...

hi everyone!!! i visited the other room5ians blog and it was really cool, it had photos of Maori cultural performance
,some homework and polls to do, notices and more!!!It's really interesting and I read through all of it. That was off topic. I found a cool site that tells you what written language is, it has some english units, feedback and heaps more info!!! so you can visit that.=] ok bye=]

Miss Candy said...

Hey Mr Woody!

I hope you get this comment through your email. I figured by commenting on this post it would make more sense than to post on your most recent post simply because it wouldn't be relevant.

I want to introduce you to art sharing website.
It is called Deviant Art.
You can publish anything from photos, drawings and paintings to poems and stories on it.
Basically anything that is considered art.
You publish these for people to critique, from this criticism you could improve your art.
Your published art are called deviations.

I thought this was a really good site that you may be interested in.

Hope you remember me, and the rest of 2007's room5ians for that matter.

Miss Candy

Miss Candy said...

That first paragraph was very difficult to read, if I rephrased it maybe it would make more sense?
I commented on this post because the rest of the comment I figure is is relevent to this post and not your most recent post.
That is much less difficult to read, right?