Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fibonacci Sequence? Golden Ratio? Leonardo's code?

what's going on? are there secret codes governing our existence? do mathematical patterns occur frequently in nature?

please investigate and report back...but only if you're interested.

[but be sure to think hard about whether or not your source of information is reliable.... how will you know?]

search terms:

Fibonacci Sequence

Golden Ratio

Golden Section

patterns in nature

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

First Learn to Serve

First Learn to Serve is our school motto - can you write it in te reo?

Please list projects we have done, are doing, or could do that would relate to our motto.

Let's show others that GATE kids can be generous and thoughtful like everyone else.

I think you're great.


Monday, May 29, 2006

rhetorical questions?

Should rhetorical questions have question marks?
It's been driving me nuts. I guess they should, but I'm just not sure because it doesn't seem right.

...maybe you could post that question on the Riverside Cluster LMS to see if anyone can prove it one way or another with referenced proof.

you can reference web information by copying and pasting the url into your documents after information you have used or quoted.

Save the kittens!

righto - i just realised we could use our time at school to do some good in a cause we feel passionate about and call it learning as well!
What do you think?

For those of you wanting to, you could change the focus of your Hamilton Inquiry to be specifically about something you feel strongly about. If you aren't feeling excited about your essential or 'foundation' questions perhaps you might like to come up with something different.
Could we take up the challenge of finding out what Hamilton is doing to look after its huge stray cat population?

Can we make a difference? Who is responsible? What do you think should or could be done?
IS there a social action we could take? What is the best way for us to get our message to an audience? Who should that audience be? The Hamilton City Council? Our school? The Riverside Cluster? The newspaper? Can we educate others? If so, what should our message be?

Post all the ideas you have. State questions that need answering. Propose ways of finding out information. State what you would like to do once you have done your research - you can always refine your project along the way.

go for it!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

InterWrite pad and data projector

this is a post for you to comment on how we could use the interwrite pad in class. also, what benefits can you see from having a data projector linked to the internet and our computer network?

Sunday, May 07, 2006



mayor island adventure

here is how to wrap up your tuhua terror/mayor island adventure:

collect all the info i've been asking for, present it creatively and attractively. after that, create a story to complete the tale of your time on mayor island and manufacture your escape or a ghastly demise. have fun with it, but use the writing methods we have discussed to make sure you create quality writing that people will enjoy reading.
this will be an ongoing homework project in term two as well as having some time in class each day for confering with your group and writing brilliantly!