Tuesday, December 30, 2008

funny voice from the past

Today i got a message from a former student saying she knew one of the people in this year's class - she asked if that person had given me much trouble. that made me laugh. funnily enough it was someone who caused a few unsavoury issues ... but nothing too bad. sadly there was some nastiness from their parent but we expect that in our job [- and don't assume you know who it is please, but the person wrote a nasty letter to the principal about me]. there is always someone who has their own problems and tries to cause trouble at school. naturally this makes teaching a harder profession for people to stick with. fortunately the overwhelming majority of parents find me a decent teacher/person who genuinely cares for and tries to foster creativity and thinking skills in students. i reeeeeally appreciated the heartfelt messages from kids and parents alike at the end of this year. i could finish teaching now and look back fondly with pride having heard truly lovely words from the likes of Mojo and Roo's mums who came to see me in the last week. it was also cool to receive thanks and farewells from former students and their parents. Also the sincere affection and gratitude from the likes of DreamHuntress and Roo. It warmed the cockles of my heart to be invited to become a family friend of awesomo4000. How could i forget the battle with logon for the hand of my wife. and of course, i treasure the gift of tears when shed in parting. I will remember the love many of you shared for gardening. the way you discussed such big concepts like globalisation. the incredible projects produced by the likes of Gaboose, NeinaMarie and Mudpies. The awesome determination and successes of Kittymilo. your class connections with Mr TEehan's class in New Jersey. Hamiltron's fantastic general knoweldge about world events. your world fame via this blog. the partnership with the HCC and the youth council. mechboy's encoragemtn to read the Bill Bryson book [i have it by me now, Mechboy] your work with Microsoft Partners in Learning. Savvy's personal assistance. Snowy's undying commtiment to our class. Hilzy's fame in public. Ellabella's potatohead and forgetfulness. being called mum and mr woodcock sir and mr woodcock ma'am. your awesome cheerful greetings. hugs. playfights. french cricket. asian dub foundation [even though they left]! and so much more!
I find it reassuring that you kids avoided nastiness this year. in fact all of you were really good considering how things normally end up with people fighting in term four.
i did think it was pretty stink to have someone trying to record me in class with their cell phone with the idea of getting me in trouble. i suspect the aforementioned parent at home didn't help that situation. sadly it's behaviour like that that spoils trust and openness and risk taking in education. it also makes prinicipals ban cell phones from school. if everyone used technology responsibly it would be much easier to promote its uninhibited use in schools. students must remember that most teachers are less techno savvy than them and are afraid of what they don't understand. so, to allow teachers to step outside their comfort zone everything needs to be SAFE for everyone. to make it riskier for schools by doing silly things holds us all back. thankfully your exceptional use of this blog has been exemplary and allowed us to continue in an open way. one or two people posted some naughty things this year but i got rid of them quickly before others saw them. i know who did it and i am not surprised. [remember, everything you put on the internet is traceable and there forever...]
anyhow, Room5ians definitely RULE! there will never be another bunch like you guys. well done and arohanui!

Monday, December 29, 2008

pop up books

Here's a holiday project for you arty farty Room5ians...

Create a pop up cartoon/drawing/illustration/collage/painting book like JimWoodring has. See more of his interesting examples on his blog by clicking the link in red.

And if you're wondering what a moleskin[e] is [apart from the outer covering of a mole] it is an expensive visual diary made famous by various artists, writers, etc.:

Dedicated to Moleskine, the legendary notebook of Van Gogh, Chatwin, Hemingway, Matisse and CĂ©line. [but please don't buy into moleskine snobbery]

The Cutest Blog on the BLock

try this out if you're into cute-ifying your blog :-)


Friday, December 26, 2008

xmas and boxing day

i think i like boxing day even more than xmas day. what do you think?
i had a lovely xmas with my family.
today though is about deep deep relaxation and blissful hedonism
what a perfect day it is
and thank you to candycane for reminding me how lovely you Room5ians are.
thank you to the wee group of stayers who shared some lovely stories of their year with each other as we counted down the minutes, playing french cricket world championship out by the old oak tree. incredible fielding skills shown by Cece, Roo n SebV - the eventual champion, winning in the last few seconds with a magnificent piece of fielding the likes of which one might hope to see on tv during a test cricket match.
so lovely.
treasured memories
love you kids

Monday, December 15, 2008

Why Do Room5ians Rule?

Can you post your comments about what has been good about being a Room5ians this year?

Perhaps you might like to say something positive about specific members of your class who have made 2008 special for you in some way. Try to think of people outside your specific group of friends.

I know I have really appreciated your honesty and respectfulness on this blog.

Well done Room5ians - you are the last of your kind.

Let the world know how cool you are.

[and remember your togs for tomorrow]

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last week :-(

This is my last week at Peachgrove with my beloved Room5ians...
I hope we have a splendid week and win the top class competition!!!
Remember its triathlon day tomorrow.

Bad news: I got Robbed yesterday! Blimmin' kids got in my car in my driveway and pilfered my belongings!

Good news:

Sasha handed in masters and had a party

I had my farewell at school and my colleagues said some wonderfully thoughtful things about me and gave me a wonderful taonga - a waka huia

Class party on Wednesday!!!

Excellence awards and top academic and class citizen awards on Thursday

Monday, December 08, 2008


reminders for the last two weeks:

be polite
show respect to each other
follow instructions the first time
bring in your completed assignments for presentation
return your permission slips and $10 for the team trip to Waterworld
team assembly tomorrow for merits awards, etc
enjoy your last days as Room5ians

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cat versus Kendo

darn it - just as I got past my first grading and have earned the right to wear hakama and gi, my poor cat Lionel got attacked and seriously injured, costing me HUNDREDS of dollars in vet bills. Now my kendo savings are spent on medical bills. This disappointing, but imagine how much I will love my kendo clothing and armour when I eventually manage to save up for it again.

Our next grading is in January and will be much tougher with a panel of five black belts.

This brings me to my hidden point:

Something you have to work hard for becomes much more valuable to you when you eventually succeed. Conversely, if you have things handed to you on a plate [so to speak] you may not appreciate them as much as if you had to earn them.

I am sure similar messages can be shared from some of you who work hard to succeed in your personal sports or hobbies. Please tell me your story here...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Last major assignments due this week

Get those projects in this week people - I recommend you show it to me first then make any changes necessary.
Look for QUALITY!!!
Remember to ask yourself, "Have I made it clear how my project relates to globalisation?"

Good Luck

Attenion seeking

Now I know all Room5ians are amazing and i dearly love you all, BUT, today many of you decided enough was enough regarding some annoying attention seeking behaviour. We can all work positively to make sure our end of year is filled with warm fuzzies - as it should be.
How can we help make our last three weeks together blissful and enlightening? Any suggestions?
Remeber to be polite and to consider everyone's FEELINGS because we are all friends - you squiddlers get on as a whole better than any other class I've had before so well done.
Positive suggestions?

Poetry competition

Today we learnt about Haiku.
How many syllables.
How many lines?
What are they usually about?
From which culture do they originate?

Here is an example Snowy and Savvy wrote in class after school. It's really brilliant...

Roses are red-ish
Violets are blue-ish
but who really cares?

Okay - so this isn't a very good example. Perhaps yr 7's can't write good poetry.
Can you prove me wrong?