Monday, March 31, 2008

Breaking News!!!

Alien craft visit Earth! Well, not quite aliens [just Americans...], but certainly from outer space.
It seems there has actually been an American moonbase on the dark side of the Moon since the late 1970's. Named Moonbase Alpha, the base has it's own specially designed craft. They are suitable for travelling around the Moon's surface but are capable, in certain conditions, of making the return trip to Earth. This now ageing fleet has been recalled to Earth now that the Cold War is well over and secrecy is no longer required. The fleet of "eagles" will be mothballed and replaced with a modern fleet capable of travel to other planets in the solar system; Mars being the obvious destination.
This shot was taken today as the fleet arrived at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Read more about U.S. space programmes at the N.A.S.A. website:

Sunday, March 30, 2008 to compare car models 4 safety, fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness

Famous sister of former Room5ian

Katy met Hillary [must be a good name for successful capable women] this weekend in the mighty USA. Katy is Jimmy's sister. We had the privilege of getting to know Jimmy in our class last year.
Room5ian sisters Rule!

Sarah's real dog, Molly

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Sarah's real dog, MOLLY. She likes chasing rabbits.


a whopping great success!

Well, our expo day at the Meteor with the Hamilton City Council went really well. The Room5ians who took part were top shelf ambassadors for Peachgrove and HamiltON. Our agents were in the field doing mobile blogging to send evidence of our cool city in live as they found it. The head agent coordinator [Rosiegal] put in the hard yards to take our message to the people of HamiltON and to explain to the City Council folk how we innovatively use technology to make learning active, interactive, adventurous, intriguing, fun, and purposeful.
Sadly we thought we weren't able to include everyone, but as it turned out, we could have ! oh well, next time we'll know better.
The good news is that as a result of our time spent there from 9:30 until 3:30 we met the CEO of the HCC, Michael Redman, we might be visited by our Mayor, we might get in the newspaper, we are having a poster competition with prizes, we will be visited by people from the police and council to hear our views on the city, we will try to get the Team Kiwi Racing people in to visit us, we are going to win prizes, the director of the City Museum wants to hear from us, the PiL researchers have filmed us interviewing the head of communications for the council. Phew - that was a long sentence. Sarah, the communication director from HCC wants us to teach her how to mobile blog and use communications technology and in return she will cover the VIP tent at the V8s for us with her mobile phone and post directly to our blog.
Essentially, by getting involved, we created loads of new opportunities for ourselves to bring our studies alive - learning outside the classroom and with ICT rocks!
Viva the Room5ians!
SO, next we will have visitors in the classroom. We also need to get out more with everyone involved. I say we go on a walking tour to meet the museum director and experience the Waikato museum ...a picnic might be nice too.
We should also arrange to go to Kakepuku to read our finished stories that we have written about going there...Let's go Wednesday in the last week of term...confirmation pending feedback.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Neina's Photos of Hamilton

How stunning he is!
A cool photo of our Riff Raff
They are awesome! Nice books too!
Wow! You can take lessons here! The art inside is great!
This is sool cool! Our Meteor Show was a great sucess, lets do it again!

Hilzy and HCC CEO Michael Redman at the expo

Sarahs dog!

You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

More Wintec wall

You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

V8 race track

You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

Waikato museum

You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

This is the best school in the world

You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

Hamilton gardens

This is a wonderful shot of a special place in HamiltON

You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

This is the indian garden

You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

This is riff raff

Agent 1o1 reporting. So many things HAMILTON has!

Great bus caught in HamiltON by a mobile blogger

This is the double decker bus that promotes hamilton




Our site

mr woody's visit to his mother in law

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Coffee break :-P mr woody rulz



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Blimmin' taggers! Wot do u think?


You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

This is the waipa delta it travels along the Waikato river

Expo Agents at work for Peachgrove and HCC

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Agent 0007 at work at the xpo


Hamilton expo

You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

This is the graffiti wall at Wintec

When is it okay to create graffiti?

HamiltON city expo with Room5ians involved

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Hilzy in action talking to city council communication manager, Sarah [who has a nice dog and likes chickens]


You have a PXT from an inquiry agent

this is a team kiwi promotional racing car replica for the V8 race!

It's actually an XR6 - cool though!

Angelic Agents at the expo

a call to all Room5ians!

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We have more space to use - Come down to the HCC HamiltON Creative and Innovative expo at the Meteor 2day


Friday, March 28, 2008

Room5 art sent to the blog from MrWoody's phone

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Room5 art - this is an experimental mobile blog attempt


HamiltON - why we're cool

Saturday we will have Room5ians roaming the city looking for evidence of the positive aspects of our city. They will take digital photos on their cell phones and email them directly to the blog using a secret code. The images and your text explanation will show up on the blog for people to read at the HCC Creative and Innovative Strategic Expo at the Meteor in town.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do you know your whakapapa?

Do you know your whakapapa? No, not that ski field at Ruapehu. Your family tree. Where are your whanau from?
I find this fascinating - in many ways it controls who we are. We get our genes from our ancestors. I might be short because i might be decended strongly from Cornish tin miners. I might be related to some very stupid, pirate killing exiles on the Scilly Isles in the English Channel.
Mostly I know I am a genuine NZ pakeha [and that is a more specific thing than many people realise] and of that I am very proud.

I wrote this in another post:

"As for my heritage [which i also find fascinating] i am a genuine New Zealand pakeha. I am very proud of this.
By my understanding, I am Pakeha because on both sides of my whanau [- Maori for 'family', mr teehan's class] my ancestors were British subjects sent here on the first colonist ships in the 1800's and are the people invited here by Maori under the partnership agreement known as the Treaty of Waitangi - Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
If you are Maori you are Tangata Whenua - the people of the land. If you are a later immigrant not of British decent, you are tauiwi. Room5ians can find out what that means.
So before my ancestors became Kiwi/New Zealanders/Pakeha, they were all English except for some smatterings of Irish which are in there too."

Maybe some of you Room5ians and Mr Teehans' class will comment here about your ancestry or ask questions on the topic. I'm sure Mr Teehans' class will be wonderign what many of the words are in Maori. Maybe the te reo teachers in Room5 will make those audio files or podcasts this week to teach some basic reo to the NewJerseyites.
I hope so!

Ask me what culture quilts are in class.

From the first line of the Maori version of the treaty:

"Ko Wikitoria te kuini o Ingarani..."

- what do you think this says...?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Clustrmap has archived

The Clustrmap for 2007 has archived and we now start afresh. The cool thing is we can see more easily who is having a peak at our work and maybe find some new buddies abroad. We can certainly learn more about geography and other cultures.
Who is looking in March 2008?

Hooray for Clustrmaps!

Manny supports Waikato rugby

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Manolo Guevara supports Waikato Rugby



Hello Room5ians - since I'm not a religious person, Easter for me has been about spending time with family and friends. The highlight has been visiting my beloved grandparents, Gwen and Claude Tucker, who are 87 and 91 respectively. Sasha and I filmed them with a handycam so we could make a digital story about the visit. They both told us stories and made us laugh with their amusing banter. Silly me - I forgot to take digital pictures because I was filming. D'oh!

I hope you have lovely grandparents to enjoy too.

Right now I am trying to work out how to post to blogger from my mobile phone. So don't be surprised if some odd seeming posts appear. See you on Wednesday!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coco Chanel the bantam hen

Coco lays eggs. Coco is brave. Coco is pretty.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eggxtemely Delighted!!! Salmonicious!

My goodness - I certainly am a lucky man.
I married my dream girl.
I have a cool dog.I have a home near the river.
I have a cool job with a great class and I work with excellent people.
I have chickens...a dream come true.
And they've laid eggs! Free range, organic, cruelty free eggs from my backyard.

[Well, one has - the other one is beginning to look decidedly roosterish...]

And I'm even getting amazing, out-of-this-world gifts!!! I loooove salmon...

It's good to be thankful for what we have :-)

Thank you!

Term Two poster design

Our classmate "Roo" has had a brilliant idea for a Term Two project. Because we had so many ideas about which charities to raise money for, he suggested we design posters to promote each different cause and what they stand for.
This would be good for several reasons:
1. You'd have to research the charities
2. Think critically about which one you feel is worth promoting
3. Learn about design techniques for posters
4. Integrate ICTs to add value to and enhance the quality of your product

Please comment with your opinions and ideas about which charities you support and why.

Lost cat found!

Good news folks...