Monday, November 27, 2006

comic me?

waddaya reckon? look like me at all?
What do you look like?
Have fun on doll wizard

the comic you

make your own comic styled image of yourself.
post the results here or on your blog.
have fun - good day today. well done.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

geography quiz

Can you beat my brainy cousin, the spy, who got 91%?
Can you beat me, your beloved [cough!] teacher, who only got 75% on my first go?
It is an easy, interactive 'quiz' about the countries in Europe. You just have to drag 'n' drop countries onto a larger map to show where they fit it. You will be given a score. It is easy and fun.
I suggest most of you either have some distant connection with some of these countries or will visit them in the future as part of your big O.E..

To try it out, go to student resources, ICT classroom, room 9 folder and look for "Map of Europe" power point.

Try it and post your score.
Good luck!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Go the ABs!!!!
Who are your favourite players?
Tony Woodcock has to be pretty high up there.
Actually they are all great - a very good team. Hopefully they can perform when it counts next year and waste the World Cup opposition.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

two cafe challenges

my friends own very cool cafes on the east side. one is ruby blacks. one is jacks. ruby blacks owner, akte, wants to get th ecouncil to organise someone to coordinate all the pig farmers in the area to use them for food scrap recycling. lots fo good food gets binned in cafes but its too hard for cafe owners to find out which pig farmers would take them and get the food to the farmers etc.
jacks uses environmentally unfriendly packaging and is interested in reducing such waste. however, stu, the chef/owner, has read that paper packaging is just as bad for the environment as plastic. can this be true? he wants us to find out. if we do, sasha will shout the winners hot chocolates at jacks. very yummy hot chocoloates. but the work has to be of a high standard.
does anyone think they could investigate these issues for my friends?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

film makers, enviro warriors, documentary makers

i suggest we make a short film or sitcom or tv show type thing in the uni studio. the team that works best and follows the rules and plans it properly will be the one to make their project with everyone else helping.
the other groups into enviro stuff could make a doco -[documentary] about something.
the groups into the environment could do a project base on planting up the school. another group could do the frog release project. both coudl be filmed.
people who have a passion to design something with an environmental theme could do that.
read this carefully before commenting.
all positive ideas welcome, but we must be realistic.


film makers?

Are any of you budding film makers?
Please post your ideas for potential storylines or scripts - we will only be able to make short films. Ideas with a twist would be best.
What do you think?
A lack of interest will result in a lack of film making action.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

art then, peut-etre?

perhaps you might be interested in an artistic perspective being applied to the environmental theme.
i recommend checking out hundertwasser's work - i will show you at school. he redesigns ugly spaces to be more attractive and environmentally friendly. have you seen the kawakawa toilets?
also, i am currently eating a series of documentaries about an artist called 'Christo' and his wife, Jean-Claude [which i would have guessed was a man's name]. he transforms places or things and creates large scale artistic talking points. very interesting.
let me know what you think or ask me to clarify at school.
bon nuit, mes amis

cow farts spell kiwi doom

yes - our economic doom - if we can't get our cows to fart less we might get in trouble with the principles of the kyoto treaty that we signed to help the world reduce 'greenhouse gases'.

do you think i am kidding?

please explain or post links to useful websites with relevant info.