Friday, August 06, 2010

Room 3...

I have just noticed that after two weeks work [nearly] no kids from Room 3 have bothered to post a comment on any of the last few blog posts, despite being in a digital class...
Oh well

Teaching Fractions

If at first you don't succeed, draw all over a kids face ;-)

Well done this man :-)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Brilliant Mask Making :-)

Well done Team Room 3!  I was very impressed with your Japanese mask making expertise.
Here are some of the marvellous creations.

Don't give up on your narrative about being whisked away to Japan -I will keep helping if you keep writing!
Sorry - I won't be back on Friday as I'm working somewhere else.
Write your day one experience up on your own blog then comment on my blog so I can go and read it. I will then add information about day two and what happened after the ninja attack!

Make a mask

You are stuck in Japan, having been kidnapped by your evil reliever. You need to disguise yourself so you can blend in to the traditional Japanese land you have found yourself in.
Create a Japanese styled mask to hide behind...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

During the night of our imprisonment...

You survived a shocking days events to find yourselves imprisoned in a massive Japanese castle.
As you slept uneasily upon your single tatami, you sensed creeping in the halls... then violence erupted!

What do you do!

Osaka Dialect

Learn to speak the dialect of the Osaka people in Japan:

maido - hello [any time of day]

okini - thank you

o genski desu ka? - how are you?

genki ya ta - and you?

honma? - really?

aho chau? -  are you stupid?

genki yata - how are you?

majide? - seriously?

hai, maji maji - yes, seriously

ja matane - bye

ho na - bye bye

Day One Fujiyama

Mr Woody arranged a troop carrying ex-aircraft plane to take us to Mount Fuji in Japan.
we experienced the flight, a landing on a wildeness airstrip, a trip overland in a troop carrying vehicle, entry to a majestic Japanese castle, a traditional greeting ceremony and being surrounded by tradional samurai warriors. It's almost as thought we have gone back in time...
After a delicious meal of traditional food and tea, we slept in separate rooms with shoji walls, tatami mat floors and uncomfortable wooden pillows.

You need to write up your day one experience with descriptive lanaguage, your feelings, reactions and predictions.

Look out for unexpected adventures on day two...

Room 3 Fujiyama trip

Your crazy billionaire reliever Mr Woody has kidnapped you and taken you to Japan on a survival field trip to practice Japanese, learn martial arts and survival skills.
You need to make a post on your blog stating what you will take to survive on a tramping trip. No modern electrical appliances will be useful and no modern weapons are allowed. You can take knives, hatchets, etc. No guns.
List your 12 items. Your pack is a freebie and you have to take a sleeping bag as one of your items.
Remember you need water, food, shelter, heat to survive in the outdoors. You need to be self sufficeient or working in pairs to cover all your needs.

Room 3 Fraction Maths

Hi squiddlers - try out these digital learning objects from NZmaths: