Friday, December 28, 2007

i hope you had a lovey xmas

i did.
and farewell to our lovely friend gentleman jim who leaves our shores [hopefully not forever] tomorrow.
we shall always remember jimmy - hopefully because he will stay in touch

Monday, December 24, 2007

awesome kawhia weekend!

i just had the best birthday party weekend at kawhia - best friends all came. lots of delicious food n drink was had. the bach is sublime with views to die for. manny loved it. we even had a white stallion gallop down the road and end up outside our deck so we got it fed n watered as it was clearly not being well looked after. all is well.
hope you all have a very fabulous xmas with your families and a sizzlingly super n safe new years holiday.
thank you once again for making my year such a great one. next year i am going to try to set up an e-learning class and may do a post-graduate directed study university paper based around my graphic novel thing.
what are your goals for 2008?

Friday, December 21, 2007

i love my class - the best class ever - ROOM5IANS!!!

2007 has been like a gift to me - you room5ians have rekindled my love of teaching thanks to your kindness, generosity, quality of thinking, the creative way you have worked and the wonderful things you have shared on this blog and your own.
it has been the most wonderful year. thank you sooooo much.
we shall always remain room5ians!!!!!!!

and don't forget to visit next year. i will miss you and will be looking forward to your help training the 2008 room5ians. they will have to earn that title. i will be organsiing the room5ian t-shirt over summer. get youself a t-shirt with nothing on the front to have room5ian printed on next feb. alternatively, i will post details on here for you to do it at the pre-arranged shop in town over january.

regarding the spud candy drama [my new favourite term is now "spudcandy" - good name for a bandor something] i think that has simply lead to more brilliant room5ians-ness. your sensible comments [room5ian, piglet, kittykat, etc] are yet another example of why room5ians rule.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

triathlon on monday

bring bikes, togs, running gear [shoes], helmets etc to class on omndayt for the triathlon.
remind your classmates, please, if you get a chance

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

music and forest day

nooo! only a week or so left to go. tomorrow i say we compose and perform a class musical piece. bring your instruments! and we'll plant a forest that we can watch grow for decades to come. bring your trowels!
if you have straw or hay for ratties, bring that too please.
a great day today - well done.
room5ians rock!!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

last two weeks as Room5ians

but you will be Room5ians forever.
what have you enjoyed about being Room5ians?
you have been exceptional in terms of behaviour. some fo the work produced has been outstanding.
i would like to thank you for allowing me to have such a wonderul year. i have really enjoyed it.
mr woody

Friday, December 07, 2007


the girls have arrived - can anyone think of cool names for five female rats?
also, if Mrs Barham bans us from having them in class what reasons could you come up with to argue for their inclusion in our lovely room?

blog challenge for 2008

Next year the new yr 7 GATE class will need to be mentored in how to use the class blog correctly. i am looking for peer tutors to stay involved with the Room5ian blog to help lead the way. Who is keen?

Monday, December 03, 2007


well, what a weekend. i was sick all day saturday, then okay sunday morning. i took manny for a walk and he was attacked by a pitt bull mastiff cross [= a giant pit bull] and i dropped my sunglasses breaking it up. manny wasn't hurt, but the owner of the dog must have swiped my sunnies. boo hoo. then, sunday evening, sasha and i got sick at the same time and we spent all night lying awake, scurrying back n forth to the loo. i am feeling better now, having slept until lunchtime. actually i have only eaten two pieces of toast since friday night.
so how was monday at school with out me? did the official research monkeys get their movie done for Annick and Rob. If not, try to do it now....[if anyone sees this]
remember the class party on Wednesday evening.