Monday, September 24, 2007

overdue assignments

any overdue assignments [ancient egypt inquiry] must be completed before you return to school - unless you negotiate otherwise with me via this blog or my school email [which you should know and which i will not post here]
happy catch up!


speeches are due in the first week back so start thinking...
they need to be interesting and exactly 3 minutes long. if they're not you will keep re-writing them until they are. woohoohoohooahhaaaarR!! [maniacal laughter]

snow heaven

wow! what a great trip it was!

the ski trip ruled and the room5ians were stars as expected


mr cooper

long live the prince of cheese!

did mr cooper and Jimmy's mom come in on friday to do the chickens?

manny and i had some of the cheese for lunch today

who wants to come in on a specified day to re-do the chickens?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

happy end of term

now that i'm home and preparing for the ski trip i'm a bit sad as i know i will miss you all and hope you have a great holiday. please take care, be happy, enjoy the last three days. be nice to mrs marshall - she is a nice lady. she really likes you kids as do all relievers. you are wonderful.
please get any overdue assignments done over the holidays. please make sure your assignments are worthy of you and that you will feel proud of them - go the extra mile - make it better - do you r best! don't let yourself down. be the best that you can be. i am so proud of you all - i don't want to be feeling like you lost the plot and gave up.
keep watching the blog over the hols if you can - there will be more info at some stage about things in general.
ka kite ano ! aroha nui!
mr woody

p.s. soeone will need to check if there are enough handy towels, salt, etc to do the chicken repacking - don't give up on it!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

bullies are scum

sadly humans are not only cruel to animals and destructive of the environment - they also harrass each other!

what is the best way to deal with a bully?

Monday, September 03, 2007

best stuff ever ???

  • what have been your favourite assignments at school ever?

  • and what about this year? what have you enjoyed?

  • also, how could speeches be made better for you?

speeches - hooray!

Please start thinking of a topic - brainstorm, mind map, randomly select... actually, talking about something you are passionate about is often a good idea. Alternatively, try being amusing. The audience must be entertained, to keep their interest, even if you are dealing with a serious topic. Avoid making lists of facts to repeat ad nauseum.
The speech must be 3 minutes long exactly.
We will develop the speech in class. You just need to start thinking and researching ideas.
Good luck - try to make it fun!

"Why am i like this?"

You may well ask why you look, sound, smell, feel and act like you do. It's partly because of your genes. Your genetic code is inherited from your parents and makes you the way you are - of coure, you also learn things as you're growing up that make you behave in certain ways. You also have an impact on your health and appearance through nutrition, hygeine and exercise. And don't forget the power of the mind! But still, your genes make you you.
Check out the info associated with this link:

Saturday, September 01, 2007

savvy teachers use the net

according to the latest news there is something called the internet that teachers could use to engage and extend stutents, personalise learning and more - wow - who are these amazing teachers and where can you find this 'net thing?