Wednesday, May 09, 2012

3D pyramid tour

Check out the pyramids from your home or school with this 3D tour ...
Its a story on Mashable so you visit the page then click various links to see videos and take a 3D tour.

Room 16 - what do they want?

Hi Room 16 - today you were your usual lovely selves and you had some training on Google Docs, searching on the Internet and posting in a class forum. What was most useful about it? Is there any feedback for your teachers?

You also tried out speed writing and shared some nifty short pieces of unplanned writing. What did you think about that as a warm up activity?

I think you did a good enough job today to earn yourself that choice of a game or some special in-class activity. Perhaps your fabulous student teacher will arrange something tomorrow. I will be back and we can look at your responses to this post in class if you post some comments. 
Ciao fo rnow,
MrWoody :-)

p.s. my son is learning everyday and he is four and a half months old. Use your brains and never give up on learning and trying your best.