Thursday, September 18, 2008


Some of you don't believe in evolutionary theory. I do. In fact my degree was strongly based around understanding religion and natural sciences like biology, geology, paleontology, etc.
Here is a cool image that someone has developed using d.n.a. evidence of one of our nearest ancestors - the neanderthal.
Do you believe....?

Field trip

Tell me what you though of our field trip.
Post your favourite photo on your blog or glog.
I loved it all - you little poeple were incredibly cool.

An inconvenient amount of "truths"

We are watching "An Inconvenient Truth". But who decides what truth is?
Evidence must play a part, but is all evidence reliable?
Who should we believe?
Opinions are different from facts - it is difficult to establish some facts.
The movie is convincing. I believe it. Many don't.
Here are some websites with different viewpoints.
There are also some cool sites with pictures of Earth from Space and more...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

San Francisco Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences Aims to Be the Greenest Museum on Earth:

What a great idea. We also have greener work environments being developed in Hamilton East - Kakariki House is a newly designed sustainable, green work place.

Could our school be greener? It sure could. I wonder why we continue to develop old fashioned buildings and work places...


Who has a glog? What's your glog nickname?
How could you use your glog to showcase your school work?
Research eportfolios and let us know how we could create really cool ones that will impress our audience...

mrw00dy [on glogster]

Room5ian All Blacks

The Room5ians have been assigned a personal All Black.

I am using their real names and hoping they won't be abducted. [-the kids and the ABs]

Roo – Ali Williams [lock]
Sebastien – Adam Thomson [loose forward]
Mojo – Tony Woodcock [prop]
Yaniv – Conrad Smith [centre]
Ella – Jimmy Cowan [halfback]
Hilary – Greg Somerville [prop]
Snowy – Joe Rocococo [wing]
Savannah – Sitiveni Sivivatu [wing]
Adnan – Graham Henry [coach]
Mudpies – Ritchie McCaw [openside flanker - captain]
Max – Anthony Boric [lock]
Cecelia – Neemia Tialata [prop]
Courteney – Sione Lauaki [no. 8]
Joe – Kevin Mealamu [hooker]
Sharnden – Piri Weepu [halfback]
James – Stephen Donald [1st five eighths]
Peitong Asian Dub Foundation – Mils Muliaina [fullback]
Marissa – Andrew Hore [hooker]
Seb F – Richard Kahui [centre/wing]
Veronica – Daniel Carter [1st five]
Kittymilo – Rodney So'oialo [no.8]
Zak – John Afoa [prop]
Mr Woody – Brad Thorne [lock]

Monday, September 08, 2008

Cool teacher's blog...

Here is another teacher's blog for you to investigate. It has a post about "an amazing lady" [Suzie Vesper - cool name!] that might inspire you with new ideas for integrating ICTs into our term four inquiry projects.
Let me know if you discover anything useful or exciting and how you might use it.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

sports and group photos

Remember to bring all your P.E. gear, etc., for sports and group photos tomorrow.
[or else]

Oh, and see if your parents can help us on our walking photography tour of the sustainable and theme gardens next Wednesday - weather permitting.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Champion Room5ians

More success for Room5ians!
We've had band competition winners, best keyboard players, cross country running heroes, and now we have now we have super star gymstrada winners!!!

Well done Room5ians.

[image sourced from MagpiePhotography - not an actual Room5ian]

Monday, September 01, 2008

new hens for home!


I got a new hen for home. She is a brown shaver called Mabel, or Mavis, or Maud, or something like that.

She is very sweet and has come out of a barn situation so so far she doesn't really know what to do in her new fabulous free range environment. Coco and Saffy are a bit wary of her and she is paying no attention to them yet. The other hen that I got with her [for my mum's birthday] is called Rosie [i think] and she is mean to May-belle [another option?]. She pecks her and Mavis/Mabel just cowers - its so sad. It's normal behaviour though - this is called "the pecking order". However, it doesn't really happen at my place as the hens are happy and relaxed and have heaps of room and food etc.

I hope you have the pleasure of spending some time with some chooks some day. They are very interesting to watch and make me happy.