Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fig Rig filming project

This week in stead of starting school I am out planning and doing some filming for a project we are doing. It relates to mental health training and we are filming a homeless guy surviving on the streets of Hamilton this Friday. I have been loaded a Fig Rig today - it's a kind of steadycam device. The inventor, Mike Figgis has come up with a simple, cheap, effective way to mimic steadycam operation so we can film smoothly as we follow our character around from place to place as he goes about his business.
Maybe some of you will design innovative solutions to problems you com eup against in your creative endeavours :-)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


What does 2010 hold for all former Room5ians? I will always remember my wonderful Room5ians, even as i quit full time classroom teaching to try something else...
Tell us here what your aspirations and plans are - I hope to do more illustration, photography, film production work with our business and whatever else comes my way that tickles my fancy.
The world is our oyster!
Keep in touch :-)