Thursday, June 24, 2010

Matariki Mysteries

Mr Woody wants to know more about Matariki. Which school will be the best at informing him?
Today St Andrews have a head start. Can anyone beat them?
Answer my questions on your own blogs and leave me a comment here telling me something you've learned. I will then visit your blog and check out what you have discovered for me. Please create a quality post on your blog with information written in your own words to answer my questions. Also include anything interesting you find out. Then put the url's of your internet sources after each fact you include.
I bet no one can achieve this!
Who will be best? Peachgrove? St Andrews? Tahaaroa?


1. What is Matariki and what are all its other names?
2. How did Maori use it in more traditional times, like when they were travelling the Pacific or trying to survive in early Aotearoa hundreds of years ago before Pakeha came here?
3. What significance does it have in other cultures from history?

Ask your teachers for help to understand these questions if you need to.

Good luck!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Marmite or Vegemite?

Do you like Marmite or Vegemite?
How about crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
Jam or marmalade?
Lakes, rivers, or beaches?
Mountains or forests?
Water skiing or snow skiing?
Movies or music?
Union or league?
Cricket or softball?
Kayaks or dinghys?
Meat or veges?
War or peace?
Conservation or consumption?
Battery farms or free range?
Wood fires or gas heaters?
Rice or pasta?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Opportunity to Learn about Digital Story Telling from the experts

Hi everyone - teachers especially!

We are running Digital StoryTelling workshops for educators.
Our next workshop is:

14–16 JULY 2010
WED (5-8pm)
THURS/FRI (9-5pm)  

University of Waikato

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Art and Learning through NZ History

Hi Squiddlers! I am very excited ...

I am buying this painting by Scotsman, artist and Kiwi, Liam Barr and am going to read more about the character portrayed by searching online. Liam's art is amazing! Check out his website

Free e-book online about John Rutherford here

Government information site, Te Ara, has more here

What are you learning about in your spare time? Our best learning is fired by our interests, needs and passions...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Peachgrove Yr 7 Bilingual cool dudes

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my good friend Whaea Mana's class today. They are very interesting young people. We discussed maori and pakeha culture as well as some geography from around Aotearoa.
One of my favourite parts of NZ is the East Coast from Te Kaha to Gisborne. My wife and I fell in love on a road trip around that region and we found the Ngati Porou people to be very welcoming.
I later got to know a teacher from Rangitukia called Tepu Houia. He gifted me a special carving which I have looked after for several years. Today I discovered that his nephew is in this class so I have gifted it to Whaea Manawaroa and her students to look after.
Their job now is to find out about the history of the clock carving. Tepu's nephew, Aiorangi is in the class so they should be able to find out all about the carving. They can post comments here explaining what they learn.
Also, I would like to introduce the Big T Surfers from Tahaaroa to the Peachgrove Bi-lingual class, Room 24. Please get to know each other and share your differences and the experiences of living in town, country and coastal areas.
Ka kite ano