Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Who has done or currently practises a martial art?
I recommend it. You learn alot about yourself, your body, and you have to have discipline, fitness, and determination. It's good for your coordination, flexibility, breathing, balance, strength and memory, no matter which style you choose to learn. You make new friends and grow in confidence.
I started many years ago with Tae kwon do, which lead me into stick fighting, kick boxing, and a bit of boxing. After that I really enjoyed Aikido, which I recommend. Now however, I'm considering trying Kendo, as it looks like my decrepid old body could handle it. It also has a slight relationship to Aikido, which I really enjoyed, as they both relate to the japanese sword fighting techniques of the samurai.
I find it all rather fascinating - does anyone else?
Feel free to share your own thoughts or experiences here.

utube kendo in slow mo - very cool


Dreamhuntress said...

I wouldn't mind learning self defence,but that looks brutal.

rosiegal said...

I dont do any of the martial arts things that were listed, but kendo looks like fun (you obviously get to hit people!). I know a little bit about self defence, as one of my old shools relievers, Mr Danty taught it to us!
I wonder who is going to win the poster comp today! I think i know who!

HamilTRON said...

Martial Arts sounds fun!!!
But I do not do it!!!
Martial Arts is not about strength its about PDS.
(Patience, Discipline and Skill)
But Kendo does sound fun!!!!
Some people use Martial Arts to hurt people.
I don't think thats how you use it!!!
The Unknown in our class has done Jiujutsu.
Taekwondo is a pretty cool sport!!!

mojo said...

I do karate it's called Kenpo I do K4K (kenpo for kids) once I grade for black belt then I'll move up to teen stuff. On the weekend I went to a Karate competition to here the full story go to my blog.

olly said...

I do MMA which stands for Mixed Martial Arts. I am a blue belt, the order of the belts go like this, white belt, red belt, orange belt, yellow belt, green belt, blue belt, puple belt, brown belt, then black belt(the highest!!)

Roo said...

I do kenpo karate too. It is very fun. I am gradig for my black belt in October I think.
Our belts go like this, white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, 3rd brown, 2nd brown, 1st brown and then black.
I have competed in past competitions.

Here is the K4K website where you can find out more:

kitty milo said...

hi. i havn't done any type of matial arts but i would love to. i love fighting and using my strength and im always picking a fight=]lol. i have learnt self defence and love punching things=]. cool weksite roo. i remember when me and my friend were trying to do karate and you thought we were being stupid and you said your coach or whatever would come growl us. lol. u were 7 btw.hahaha.

Neina-Marie said...

I have done Aikido! I remeber flipping one of my friends over in year two because they got on my nerves and I had recently learnt a new trick! I am naughty.

young_veteran said...

I did Karate for a while it was called GKR(Go-kan-ryu). it takes a lot of time and energy to get it right. but its worth it, you meet heaps of new people and learn lots of cool things. i recommend any martial art. but you have to be devoted and stay with it.

kitty milo said...

i just got back from karate. my mums friend told us 'bout it. it was really cool and apparently i was better than people who had been doing it for ages=]
Kitty Milo

young_veteran said...

good for you.

Benjamin said...

Hi there. Noticed you're in Hamilton. I really suggest you try out kendo, and stick with it. The teachers at the Hamilton dojo are really good. Starting kendo is one of the best things to have ever happened to me.