Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aliens are real ... or not

HAve you seen an alien? I haven't. Well, at least, I don't think so.
My friend Deeknow just alerted me, by chance, to the fact that E.T. Spotters have come up with taxonomies of Aliens. [-Remember I mentioned taxonomy and taxonomical sciencey stuff in class today - do you remember what it is? No? Use a dictionary then.]
So, he mentioned "greys" adn I wondered, what doe she mean. I "Googled" it and discovered that various folk have indeed come up with their own taxonomies of aliens. Fair enough I thought. Maybe some of the little twerps in my class would find this interesting. SO, here it is... [sorry for calling you twerps]

"Huyghe [the guy who wrote a book about classifying aliens] states his classification doesn't pretend to be scientific but is based solely on how the aliens looked to the human observer, i.e., their phenotype. Huyghe has been able to distinguish four separate classes with several types within each class. The largest class, as one might expect, is the humanoids with five sub-types: nordics, short grays, short non-grays, giants, and nonclassics. Under the animalian category are also five types: mammalian, reptilian, amphibian, insectoid, and avian. Under robotic we find two types: the metallic and the fleshy. And in the fourth category, the exotic, we have again two types: the physical and the apparitional (ghostlike creatures)."

So, which type do you think this is...?

And what does taxonomy mean? When might a scientist use it?


**KERLI** said...

That's weird.
Why do people, when they think alien, they think of green or grey aliens with big eyes?
Also, who says that aliens are more advanced than we are?
I guess it is in the humanoids category.
I think it is fake though.
(Not trying to sound rude or anything).

**KERLI** said...

Also why wouldn't aliens look like us?

**KERLI** said...

Check out my new pic.

young_veteran said...

aliens must be real, take the Egyptians for example. they build pyramids out of 2-4 tonne blocks of granite cut with copper tools and laser accuracy and moved them miles across the dessert then up the side of a pyramid. not to mention that the pyramids are in the exact formation of Sirius and in the exact placement so that if you put a laser pointer or a telescope on the top and look strait up you'll see one of the stars of sirius.
fight the power.

Roo said...

I've seen an alien. I see one everyday at school. ;). Mr Woody!!!

Mushroom Shortie said...

Hey Everyone

I was talking with my mum, and she said when she was in south america, she saw a UFO, and that the place where she saw it was the place with the most UFO "sightings" ever!

Here's the story;

My mum walked along the beach with a pencil and her diary, just looking for something special to draw, as a cool memorie. She looked up, people came rushing out of their houses and pointing at the sky. She saw it, it WAS a UFO. It landed and mum started sketching. She got the picture.

I'm not quite sure if this is a true story, as I have never seen the picture, but mum says she left her diary at the backpackers where she was staying! I don't kno about you but I think that this is quite freaky.

About what aliens look like, no-one knows, And Mr. Woody, that picture looks Fake. I think that aliens looks the same as us, or just a little bit different.



Mushroom Shortie said...


Mushroom Shortie said...

This is from Young_Veteran's blog "Kute Kittens" Which I found really smart.
In Egypt they used granite for their pyramids which is one of the hardest materials known to man, and yet the egyiptians cut it from the rock bed and carved it as if it was wood.

The shape of the blocks they used to make the pyramids were so perfect that they would have had to have use laser technology. Copper tools were the only tools available.

Each block weighed in at approximately 50 tonnes. Hauling these into position, 180 feet above the ground after moving it 600 miles from its quarry would be something that machines would struggle with, let alone half starved slaves.

Plus in the 21st century we cant duplicate the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians.

mojo said...

It's weird how we think look like humans and walk like us. It's like in Star trek most of the aliens are people with funny heads.

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Taxonomy! It is a classification system. We use it ALL the time.
I think it is a shortgrey.

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

Hi everybody i know this is off topic, but i've been doing some research on axolotles ,this is more for mr.woody ,I have a post on how to care for them and their babies ,It took me ages i hope you guys like it!!!
ashy mashy
(look mr.woody i did puncuation!!!)

Mushroom Shortie said...

Can we get back to the discussion about whether or not aliens are real..?


P.S: My mum just got home from work and told me I need to clarify my story 8-)

It happened when she was travelling in South America in 1986. She was waiting in a village in Venezuella called Caracarai, because the roads were washed out and they had to catch a barge down the Rio Negro to Manaus. Caracarai is apparently well known as one of the places in the world were they have had heaps of UFO sightings. In broad daylight, a silver, parachute shaped "craft" scooted across the sky. Underneath the craft was a load of lights. Her and her friends ran after it, along with many of the villagers. Mums friends took photos but surprise surprise, none of them came out. Mum drew what she had seen in her sketch pad/diary. The diary was lost in Bolivia so the picture was lost forever.

Mushroom Shortie said...

Sorry for being a hypocrite, but I just wanted to let you know about my new, proper blog;

It's cool!

Also, the first post is;

Please read it and comment everyone! Thanks!

mudpies02 said...

That pic is SCARY!!!

Dreamhuntress said...

(visit my blog on Sweet angel, I'v got something to tell you guys)

Yes i think an alien is real, but it does not scare me.

Intrepid Tiger said...

I guess people try to make it look real and do you know where the picture was taken... :P

Intrepid Tiger said...

Aliens have been sighted near the bermuda triangle.Scary! I have a post about this on my blog.

Kitty Milo said...

hi. I have a post on my blog all about the pyramids of giza and life on mars and some proof about aliens!!! please visit if you are interested!

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

to answer mr.woody i decided to look up the meaning for taxonomy and on wikipedia it had the meaning so i copied and pasted it for everyone to see!!!

Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification. The word comes from the Greek τάξις, taxis, 'order' + νόμος, nomos, 'law' or 'science'. Taxonomies, or taxonomic schemes, are composed of taxonomic units known as taxa (singular taxon), or kinds of things that are arranged frequently in a hierarchical structure, typically related by subtype-supertype relationships, also called parent-child relationships. In such a subtype-supertype relationship the subtype kind of thing has by definition the same constraints as the supertype kind of thing plus one or more additional constraints. For example, car is a subtype of vehicle. So any car is also a vehicle, but not every vehicle is a car. Therefore, a thing needs to satisfy more constraints to be a car than to be a vehicle.

**KERLI** said...

intrepid_tiger, when you said the aliens at Bermuda Triangle, it reminded me of when I was at the
Gold Coast and at Sea World there was a log floom ride thing were you are a investigator person and you go to the B. T. and there are lots of aliens in there.
Random ay.
Can you make a post about where Room5ians have been in the world?
I've been lots of places.

**KERLI** said...


young_veteran said...

I have found some amazing evidence that prove aliens exists.
who gives a shie about crop circles and mad cows, i blame that to bad farming. The real interest should go to the worlds leaders. think about it they throw us around and making us kill each other. i think they're preparing earth to become a clone world like on "doctor who"(new series). they try and throw us of by fighting but you see them all the time them plotting. And when ever anyone gets on their case they are arrested or killed to stop them telling the world what they find.
we must fight back and take away their power.
or we are all aliens, it's one or the other.
oh and that's a Short Grey in the picture up the top.
fight the power.
P.S. visit my blog.

Miss Candy said...

our class studyed egypt last year and it turned out, unfortunatly aliens didn't build the pyramids

mudpies02 said...

Did it??? That's interesting! How did you know? Mr Woozy, (Oops, typo!!) how come you didn't tell us about that???

Miss Piggy said...

I would like to think that Aliens were real but I guess I haven't really done enough research to make my own opinion yet, But I definately think that picture of alien isn't real!

Marshall said...

um..... to tell the truth, I don't know. But I have a debate on whether aliens exist or not. Feel free to come and join. The blog name is Marshall's Idea.
There could be millions of galaxies out there, full with different kinds of aliens. Whether they exist or not, scientists have been stuck on this question. The universe is getting bigger and bigger... which will be more difficult to find aliens. But even so, I still think that there are still aliens out there-I mean, humans can't just keep the universe to themselves, could they?

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I just watched a movie called "Marz Attacks!" It was so freaky, and the martians talked in squaking and stuff, and we all were getting killed, and then someone found that they hated country music and stuck it on air, and drove around with it on, and all the alins died, but the aliens were so freaky, and I was ureged to look away, but it was too interesting.