Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Roo's photo comp

ask Roo about it


Dreamhuntress said...

Roo, what is it about?

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Well, roo wanted to have a photo competiton, about us choosing our favourite Kakepuku photo. However, I have none at all! (Of the mountain anyway, I think (So darn confused!).)

Dreamhuntress said...

No nei na it's not about kakepuku pics, it can be any pics you like. I just visited his blog.

ps How is your fever? Are you going to school tommorow?

pss:To everybody, practise pie!

Kitty Milo said...

WHY DREAM HUNTRESS? oops , sorry thats in capitals but I just cant be bothered going back and deleting it.

Dreamhuntress said...

Because mr.woody said on wendenesday that he is going to test us on pie

Dreamhuntress said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
flower kitty said...

Isn't it pi, not pie?

Sorry, off topic.

I think ill give Roos photo compitition a go!

Dream Huntress, is the testing on pi(e) that thing he had on the board?

gnome said...

I think its a really cool and I am goin to give it a go.

MrWoody said...

good for you, gnome. :-)
flowerkitty - you were almsot a stuntgirl yourself. thank goodness you weren't hurt. i'm glad you had fun.
and yes; it's PI, not PIE.
And yes, you need to memorise it to as many decimal places as you can - the winner gets a chocolate bar!

Mushroom Shortie said...

Mr. Woody, I have No idea what you guys are talking about, but I'm sure you had a lot of fun!

I think I finally figured out how to delete blogs :D

I am starting up a new one, talking about what we do in class and our learning intentions for the year(:

I fixed up a spelling mistake of Ashymashy's in the chickens post, soo does this make me top blogger ?

I have had heeeaps of extra time to go on the blog lately, and i think I have made an extra effort :D

About the PI thing, I don't think I can memorise even just PI!!!

Sorry About the looooooong comment, I'm just bored. :D

P.S I figured out how to use these HTML tags to make it bold and italic :D

Mushroom Shortie said...

And Dreamhuntress It's "Wednesday"


Mushroom Shortie said...

And everyone, I think that now is a good time to use proper capitals and language and commas, fullstops etc. It just looks bad and makes it look like we haven't learnt anything! Thanks a-lot!


Roo said...

Yay for me.

Yes Dreamhuntress the photos can be of whatever you like. Check out my blog to find out more. I will post positive comments to your photos (no put downs).

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Yippie! I have an awesome shot of my cat (She is soooooooo cute!) but I probably won't use it.