Sunday, June 08, 2008

upcoming science lessons

These links are to science lessons we will be doing in class :-)
They should either help you develop concepts relevant to our imminent science fair, or be of interest to those of you with a scientific mind, or more specifically with an interest in 'space'...
Oh, and there's one relating to P.E. and fitness testing.

material properties - plastics

testing pulse rates:
ranking environmental problems:
using learning objects to understand day and night:
Using online models to understand the phases of the moon:
Changing theories about Mars:
how science ideas change over time:
types of scientific investigations:
Plus some quizes that may interest you.


Dreamhuntress said...

For the science fair;can we work in pairs?(Hopefully I used the right grammer.)

MrWoody said...

Yes, you may work in pairs as stated already in writing and in class discussions, but you don't need a semi-colon in your sentence and you spelled grammar incorrectly.

MrWoody said...

And you mean punctuation, not grammar, I suspect. :-)

MrWoody said...

Science learning can be improved by encouraging appropriate attitudes
Students’ attitudes toward science affect their investigations. Certain attitudes are conducive to learning in science and should be encouraged, these include:

* curiosity
* honesty (in recording and validating data)
* flexibility
* persistence
* critical mindedness
* open-mindedness
* willingness to suspend judgment
* willingness to tolerate uncertainty.

kitty milo said...

wow! thats alot of links and science lessons we will be doing. alot of work. sorry i havnt been on all weekend. im on now.
i looked at some of the links and they're quite complicated.
Kitty Milo

Neina-Marie said...

Vell. I didn't get the quiz. I hope to be in a pair. I have an idea for science project MUAHAHAHA!

Roo said...

I have started reasearching for my scientific photography.
I'm still a bit confused about the Mars study.

mech boy said...

Im confused about the mars study as well. Martians on Mars? that sounds a bit farfetched.
Maybe it would be better use of time doing another subject (don't listen to me though, I'm just a kid).

df said...

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