Monday, June 23, 2008

Survival trip

Remember how you had to plan and prepare for a survival experience on Kakepuku?
Well, plan and prepare for the same thing for Wednesday - it will be foul weather no doubt. Underfoot it will be wet, slippery and muddy. Shoes need to be water resistant and grippy. Socks need to be thick and warm. Pants need to be warm. Your raincoat needs to be good quality to protect you from hours in the rain. You need a food, drink, spare socks and pants. A small towel might be wise. A showerproof, warm hat would be a VERY good idea. Your drink should be water or something healthy. No fizzy drinks or caffeinated energy drinks. Chocolate is fine with extra for mR WOody and Mr Abrahams. Bring two plastic bags for wet clothes and shoes.
Cameras are a good thing to bring but need to be in a water proof bag of some sort.
Mobile phones are okay.
We plan to visit Kakepuku, Yarndley's Bush and the Sustainable Backyard at the Hamilton Gardens.
If you all get your permission slips in by tomorrow morning we will have a trip to the garden area as a reward and you will get 100 class points. If you all bring the cash for the trip you will get an extra 100 class points.

I can't wait!


**KERLI** said...

Hey people.
You may be wondering, who is this?
It is Cheetahlicious, named after famous Estonian singer.
I wanted to ask, will we be bringing our Kakepuku Catastrophes, because they will probably be destroyed in the bad weather.
I also have brought my permission slip in but I don't think you saw it on your desk.
Okay cool.
Will we be discussing this in class?
Also I want to point out that our Kakepuku day is on the Spellathon day.

Roo said...

Can't wait.

I_luv_animals_AKA_ashymashy said...

i cant wait!

mech boy said...

I can wait.
I'm not to excited about the preparation because I fear that I will bring the wrong stuff and look stupid.

P.S. Here is a site that thinks 'people' (the word) is the plural of 'stupid'. It's really confusing.

Kitty Milo said...

hi everyone. I'm not at school today because i am very sick. quite dehydrated. i don't know why. um, I have done my drug poster, and I will be putting it on my blog a.s.a.p.
oh and Mr Woody, I will probably be coming to Kakepuku tomorrow.But I will have to bring in my permission slip and money. Can you please show the dare lady my drug poster on my blog?

MrWoody said...

Great work, Kittymilo! well done for using the blog to communicate. we look forward to you coming with us tomorrow. I will try to show Constable Jo the poster online. Excellent work!

Kitty Milo said...

Thank you Mr Woody!!!!!! I Will send my poster to your email so I can print it at school, and can you please ask anyone in the choir if you have to wear your uniform to the thing today, and is the social this Thursday or next Thursday?

**KERLI** said...

kitty milo she already told us all that we have to wear uniform.
Mr. Woody will we be bringing our Kakepuku stories?

rosiegal said...

I thought that the Social is this thursday, but they would have already givin the notice out!

I Cant Wait! I hope i bring appropriate gear. I dont think we are bringing our stories, but who knows?
Very cute pic by the way Kitty Milo! I willl vis your blog and see your DARE poster!

rosiegal said...

I now have an adorable tiger widget!!! Come to my blog to see thumpy (His name) and play with him!

Candycane said...

Mr Woody I am sick today so won't be able to come on the trip today. I hope you get this in time.

Marz Barz said...

Hey Mr. Woody! Sorry, This is quite short notice, but, I will not be going to Kakepuku as my Mum said that I'm not allowed, because I am still quite sick, but also that Mum sadi there is going to be gale force winds and such, and that I should stay home to avoid getting even more sick!!!
Have a good trip everyone! I hope you all have good fun (-:

Thanks, Marz Barz. (-:

Aquagirl said...

It was really fun today although it got a bit steep and very muddy. No I will not change my name to stunt woman but I must say it was fun flying down the stairs even if it did hurt after. the best part for me was going down and getting all muddy running and sliding down

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

It was awesome right until we got half way. Then... well, you know what happened. I spoiled the trip completely, waahwaah!

MrWoody said...

you certainly did not spoil the trip, neina marie - you were very brave and no problem at all. :-)

Marshall said...

The trip was awesome! i love the part when i started to slip down the mud! cool!